Mission Maker .9.2



Create and play your own missions.
Comes with 11 missions.

- Script Hook V
- NativeUI
- Script Hook V .NET
- Spawn MP Vehicles in SP 1.2
- Open All Interiors v5.1
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6

- discord from ok1wwa

- video tutorials

Fixed spelling error Invincible in actors, vehicles, and set player/actor.
If used Invincible you have to load the mission and reset Invincible.
Fixed vehicle tasks in set player/actor objective.
Added SeeingRange, HearingRange, Combat Movement, CanFightArmedPedsWhenNotArmed, and AlwaysFight to actor properties.
Added warp into vehicle in set player/actor taskseq enter vehicle.
Added OpenMenuOnDownKey option in keys.text
Added Set Wanted level now in mission settings objective.
Adde many discriptions in menus.
Some misk bugs and minor changes.

Fixed not replacing . with ,
Fixed if you try to edit actors when there are none it would crash.
Added option to mission settings to not fade in at start for cutscenes from the start.
Added objective text to cutscenes properties.
Added option to restart mission if failed.

.9 first release
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First Uploaded: 15. jul 2018
Last Updated: 29. jul 2018
Last Downloaded: okoli 2 uri

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