Vespucci Beach, Los Santos
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  • 993e72 20190108195301 1

    Using Windows 11, the mod doesn't seem to contain an OIV? It's just a folder saying "content" with a bunch of random numbered folders inside of it, each containing a single file for the peds. How to workaround this?

    15. feb 2024
  • 993e72 20190108195301 1

    Since there has been a patchday after the Gunrunning update, there's a new file location for the hair. Everyone go to this location to replace the files instead of the main Gunrunning folder

    update \ x64 \ dlcpacks \ patchday26ng \ dlc.rpf \ x64 \ models \ cdimages \ patchday26ng_male.rpf \ mp_m_freemode_01_mp_m_gunrunning_hair_01

    04. jan 2024
  • 993e72 20190108195301 1

    @votrinhan88 What I decided to do was use your method but then set the gang zones specifically to each according location and set max co-existing to gangs to 10 :)

    15. jan 2022
  • 993e72 20190108195301 1

    @votrinhan88 thanks bro I've used this mod a lot since lucas released gang and turf mod and the automatically-generated gangs are just horrible to work with ahaha

    13. jan 2022
  • 993e72 20190108195301 1

    Everyone, you need to realise that the mod not working is not Josh's fault, it's not because he's not updating his mods anymore, which at least he has announced so himself. It's because Rockstar are peddling out update after update for shitty little "bug fixes" for online aka patching the game so modders on PC continue to fail time and time again. Blame Rockstar, not the modder.

    08. jan 2022
  • 993e72 20190108195301 1

    I'd like to change up some gang turfs for my own personal use with this mod. What files should I edit?

    16. avg 2020
  • 993e72 20190108195301 1

    Spawned peds simply won't attack the zombies, nor will the zombies attack them unless they are provoked if they are spawned bodyguards. Is there a workaround for this? I have done this with both Simple Trainer and Menyoo separately, if it helps.

    27. apr 2020
  • 993e72 20190108195301 1

    Possibility of updating to 1.2 soon.

    03. feb 2019
  • 993e72 20190108195301 1

    I know this is an old mod, but does this work with the mp models by any slim chance? MP models don't generally talk and I only know the falling sounds they have. Maybe it works if you change your voice to another ped if you're using MP or Player models, with a trainer or something?

    11. jan 2019
  • 993e72 20190108195301 1

    Does this support LSPDFR?

    08. jan 2019