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Better Chases+ is a continuation of Eddlm's & Guadmaz's famous Better Chases and Arrest Warrants mods, with permission. Completely rewritten with maximum performance in mind and new features added.

Changes from the original mod
  • Each character can have an arrest warrant now
  • Each vehicle can also have an arrest warrant
  • New chases do not resume a warrant chase until you are identified
  • Many more options to control the mod how you like
  • Distance, relative speed, and size now dictate police line of sight
  • Police line of sight is now requried in some level for almost everything
  • Stolen vehicle identification added (Requires my Stolen script mod - link below)
  • The in-game menu is now accessed via F8 and can be changed in the config xml file
  • You can be identified while wearing a mask now - but take that mask off and you are then ~40% less recognizable to police who are looking for a masked suspect. The remaining % is mostly your shirt and pants.

Better Chases Features
  • Police require PIT authorization before ramming you.
  • Police require Lethal Force authorization before killing you.
  • You can surrender above 1 star and below 5 stars by hold E or Cover near police
  • You can disable police commandeering civilian vehicles
  • Badly damaged police vehicles will abandon the chase
  • Driving on sidewalks or the wrong way will increase the wanted level
  • Crashing into multiple vehicles will increase the wanted level
  • Speeding excessively (90mph+) will increase the wanted level
  • Carrying a weapon during a chase will increase the wanted level to 2 stars
  • Grand Theft Auto will increase the wanted level to 2 stars
  • Aiming a weapon will increase the wanted level to 3 stars
  • Hitting a pedestrian during a chase will increase the wanted level to 3 stars and enable PIT
  • Firing a weapon will increase the wanted level to 3 stars and enable Lethal Force
  • Aiming a weapon at police will increase the wanted level to 3 stars and enable Lethal Force
  • Killing a pedestrian or police will get you 4 stars and enable Lethal Force
  • Killing multiple pedestrians or police will get you 5 stars
  • The wanted level raises over time upto 3 stars and enable PIT
  • Full, partial, and no control over the wanted level is now an option

Arrest Warrants Features
  • Police can identify your character and vehicle and issue a warrant when you escape
  • Police will recognize you based on how closesly you match your warrant description
  • Stolen vehicles can be recognized and initiate a chase (requires Stolen mod - link below)
  • Once identified, any previously identified chases will resume


  1. "Better Chases+.dll" & "BetterChasesConfig.xml" go in your GTAV scripts folder. If you don't have one, create it.
  2. "NativeUI.dll" goes into your GTAV scripts folder as well. This MUST be version 1.9.x or newer!
  3. Install Stolen (optional)

Known Issues
  • Police will shoot you with stun guns and not arrest you - you must use the surrender feature
  • The UI offset options do not load their settings from previously into the NativeUI menu - this is a NativeUI issue

Other Modders
You can issue a warrant with newly public methods, example:
BetterChasesPlus.ArrestWarrants.ActiveWarrant.WantedLevel = 1;

  • At 1 star police now try to just arrest you without shooting at all, if in a vehicle they wait until you get out to arrest you
  • Aiming at civilians in front of police now also gives lethal force authorization
  • Added a new optional Better Chases menu setting called “Lethal-Force on aiming any weapon” which when enabled will authorize deadly force when you aim any weapon at anything not just police or civilians
  • Cleaned up the messages when killing NPCs to make better sense
  • Added a Debug menu item to the main menu to help speed up development and debugging

  • Fixed an issue where police would not use lethal force on NPCs based on the player’s lethal force status
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes a warrant would not be cleared when Wasted or Busted
  • Removed the 40 meter limit for police to detect if the player killed someone, line of sight is still required
  • Added assaulting police violation detection when the player harms police directly or with a vehicle

  • Added the “Chase Time” option
  • Fixed an issue where “Cop Vehicle Control” would sometimes remove a vehicle while near the player
  • Fixed a few mod menu option names & descriptions that were too long
  • Updated documentation
  • Mod download now includes NativeUI 1.9.1

  • “Allow extra bust opportunity” no longer allows surrendering while in swimming or falling states

  • Fixed an issue where the Spotted Meter and chevrons about cops remained on screen when exiting a wanted vehicle
  • Fixed an issue where police recognized the “flipping the bird” gesture as a deadly weapon.
  • Updated the list of deadly weapons police recognize

  • Added GUI Offset options to the mod menu
  • Added public function for external use of issuing warrants and clearing them
  • Fixed logic for police detecting player murders

  • Fixed weapon detection while inside a vehicle
  • Added “Recognition Settings” options
  • Fixed an issue where nearby police on-foot would approach the player when not wanted with no active warrants

  • Initial release
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