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    this mod decresed lights so i barly cant see any thing when its dark how do you remove this one?

    13. maj 2017
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    Thanks for constantly updating keep it real

    27. apr 2017
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    Love your mod however not challenging enough ..T .T when i die in a battle my gang allways wins
    Could you make it that my death kinda depens the outcome of the result ? Cauz i die constantly but i get the turf...lol one suggestion make a probility so even if you win a battle slight chance of loseing the turf and if you lose most likely lose but slight chance of winning to get some thrill in to the game i would apreciate that really

    26. apr 2017
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    could you make it so i can replace the main characters? i know it can be some work however
    your mods are the best lol and if not can you tell me how to make it replaceable i tryied it but... the results got me crashing the game i really wana play the character / and also i know you put the replaceable mods however the legs were not fluent and i wana add more costumes and hair so could you bother making it ?

    21. mar 2017