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    @Siprus This dlc needs an update for the latest 2545 patch because it's definitely crashing the game for sure. I got about 18 dlc's that I've added to the game and while doing testing I realized that this particular mod was the one crashing the game on start up. There is something within it that has to be updated. It worked fine with previous gta 5 versions until now and I'm 100% sure this is the culprit because I had to meticulously uninstall and reinstall all my dlc's one by one until I isolated the one that was causing the issue which was this one. :-(

    okoli 11 ur
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    @Alex106 So let me get this straight, the previous content.xml's for "mpSecurity" and "patchday26ng" dlc's are now somehow included in the most recent v10.10 "mpmappatches" and "spmappatches" dlc's? Or do I still have to keep those previous "content.xml's" installed? I like the concept of this mod but, it seems like it keeps getting more complex everytime you update it.

    okoli 13 ur
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    @SkylineGTRFreak Is there any way to increase the limitation on custom weapons? And, if so, where would you do that change, within the gameconfig or in the WeaponLimitsAdjuster.ini? The reason I'm asking is because I built a custom dlc which I named "militaryjets" and as the title suggests I included a whole bunch of military aircrafts to it, like the F-35B, F-15E, F-16C, F-22 and a bunch of other ones however when I added the YF-22 and the YF-23 to the package when I spawned them in game the game immediately crashed. I know that has to do with the custom weapon files, like you mentioned in the Readme, like the weaponarchetypes.meta, yf22 and yf23 weapons.metas and the weapons.rpf but some of the aircrafts I already added to this custom dlc I was able to add their custom weapon files without any issues. For example, the A-7D Corsair II, the A-10C Thunderbolt II, the F-15E Strike Eagle, the F-16C Fighting Falcon, the F-22 Raptor.....all of those aircrafts I was able to add their custom weapon files without any problems. I was able to add their weaponarchetypes.metas, their individual vehicleweapons metas and all their models/cdimages weapons.rpf files. I was able to spawned 'em in game without any crashes. So I guess I reached the limitations on custom weapons, that's why I wanna know how to increase that limit, if you know how.

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    Ok guys listen up, if your game crashes when you attempt to get in the plane when you spawn it then try these two things, it worked perfectly for me:

    1. First, do what baitken70 did, Open up the vehicles.meta and find this line: "LAYOUT_PLANE_WARTHOG" then change "WARTHOG" with "LAZER" and save.

    2. Second, go to this link > https://drive.google.com/file/d/192SVsqgoXOEa_rYFGmBGzoRZxnnZsu8s/view?usp=sharing and download the _resource.lua file from Crazy_Zack and install it in the "addins" folder in scripts. Apparently that file works with issues relating to this jet's weapons as well.

    If your game still crashes after attempting to get into the A-10C in game then your issue might has to do with something else.

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    @baitken70 Wow, amazingly your instructions to change "LAYOUT_PLANE_WARTHOG" to "LAYOUT_PLANE_LAZER" did the trick for me. I installed this dlc correctly and I was able to spawn the plane in game but, as soon as I attempted to get in, the game would freeze and crash. I was wrecking my brains out trying to figure out a solution to the issue and apparently changing "WARTHOG" to "LAZER" fixed the problem for me. I don't know if that'll help everyone else or not but, it did for me. By the way, I also downloaded a lua file that Crazy_Zack suggested in the comments down below, _resource.lua and I added it to the "addins" folder in scripts as well, that probably also fixed some other issues. Thanks!

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    @sike1981 I tried this preset and I liked it a lot, it brings up the colors nicely in the game and everything looks nice and sharp, I'm defenitely keeping this one but, I would like to tone down the color just a little bit, not that much but, just a little without having to do it directly on my monitor. If I were to tone down the color a little bit at what line in the ini would I do it? I see ColorMatrix.fx and a line that says: "Strenght", is that where I should make the change? I don't wanna mess up the data in the ini all I want is to just tone down the color a little bit. Can you tell me where exactly in the ini I can make that change?

    12. jan 2022
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    @elsanhoty Thanks

    02. jan 2022
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    @Alex106 In the new v10.8, did you make or added any changes to any of the "Manual Installation" files or only dlc's? The reason I ask is so I can skip installation of any files you didn't make any changes to, compared to the v10.7.

    01. jan 2022
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    @Alex106 I have a suggestion for you, it would be a lot easier to install all those ybn files from the "MP Map Collisions Fixes" folder if they were in an oiv package, even though most of those files go in the "mpheist" dlc still they have to be installed in different sub-folders which is kind of tedious, specially if you have a fully-modded copy of the game saved in an external hard drive, like I do, which means I have to install those files twice. If you create an oiv package for all those ybn files it's much easier to install 'em. But, like I said, that's just a suggestion, if you would like to create an oiv for those files though.

    29. dec 2021
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    @Alex106 I downloaded and installed the AircraftCarrier.cs in the 'scripts' folder and launched the game but, unfortunately the carrier still doesn't appear. All I see is some of the peds that normally spawn in and around the carrier just floating around in mid-air > https://imgur.com/a/ZYjM3VT

    25. dec 2021