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I've always wanted a United States Air Force uniform for Michael but, couldn't really find one so I created my own and I'm now sharing it here at ga5-mods for you guys. There are some USAF uniforms here in gta5-mods but, most are either full-piece suits that only fit Franklin or uniforms for MP Peds but, not for Michael so now I present to you Michael's US Air Force General Uniform!

This is a complete 3-piece uniform for Michael. Includes suit, pants and hat. The suit is nicely detailed, complete with Medals and Medal Ribbons, Wings pin, Rank patches, Star shoulder sleeves and name tag (Believe or not, I actually put Michael's name in the name tag "USAF Gen. Michael De Santa" but, in the game is so tiny that it's impossible to read it). The hat is legit with USAF insignia, visor decor and Gold Thread Braided Ribbon. I spent several hours working on LODs, making sure everything was were it's supposed to be, making appropriate adjustments to decal size proportions etc..etc... As far as shoes, I didn't include any because there are just too many to chose from so I leave that choice to you however I recommend you use shiny black shoes or boots with this uniform.

Overall I'm very satisfied with the results and I'm sure many of you will like it as well. If you have any suggestions, want to leave a feedback or have a question please type it in the comments section. Thanks and Enjoy the Uniform!


- Installation instructions are in the "read_me" text in download


This is a replacement of Michael's "default" Tuxedo so all you gotta do is go to Michael's house, go in the closet and look for the "Tuxedo" in the "Outfits" section of the menu. Once you click on "Tuxedo" the upper and lower should spawn on Michael. For the hat, look for the hat in "Simple Trainer", the USAF dress hat is a modification of one of the "cop" hats so look for the cop-shaped hats in simple trainer, you should be able to find it. Like I said, as far as shoes, that's your choice but, I recommend a nice pair of shiny dress shoes or boots.


Unless you have another mod that saves your current outfit before you exit the game, the uniform will disappear and will reset back to the "default" Michael's outfit when you re-start the game. To spawn the uniform back on, complete with hat and whatever shoes you put on I recommend downloading this mod > https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/sp-outfit-saving. The "SP Outfit Saving" mod from rootcause is an excellent mod for saving and respawning outfits at will. I have that mod myself and I love it. You can save any combination outfits you want in game and give it a name and when you come back to the game you can respawn any of your saved outfits back on the model at will with a press of key. Very simple and useful mod to have.


Like I said, this is a modification of Michael's default Tuxedo so you will always be wearing the USAF dress uniform whenever you put the Tuxedo on. In some missions that you're required to wear a Tuxedo like the "Meltdown" mission keep in mind that you will be wearing the USAF uniform if you put the tuxedo on. If you want to wear the normal Tuxedo you will have to pull my modified files out and replace 'em back with the originals! That's why is very important for you to back up the original files in case you want the old Tuxedo back in the game. I included an empty folder for you in the download for Back-ups.


If you liked this mod or any mods I've uploaded or will upload here and feel generous to donate a little bit feel free to do so. Donations DO HELP A LOT! A small donation definitely goes a long way and will definitely motivate me even more and spend even more time on developing interesting mods for gta5. I don't have a Patreon account but, you can donate to JAM102970 at PayPal link above. Thank You!
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