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    @JustGTAFan I'm having the issue with his eyes as well :( They are glitching and shaking and I couldn't fix it :/

    Also the 3rd arm yeah have invisible parts and doesn't match the the 3rd clothing option.

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    @alex189 Well yeah ok I get it no one would want to see their mods used in the ways the creater doesn't appreciate and you always had my respect on that same as any other modder I respect in that regard eventhough if I disagree with their wishes. But it's like.. I mean maybe a few textures I would understand, I would say maybe people kept making nude mods of his mods despite he asked not to in a picture inside jpg but it's like almost all of the textures have that warning :((((

    and like normally for example while I'm doing small personal texture edits (they are not always make them stunning but I never did any nude retex) I would like to check the ydd inside OpenIV when I make the texture to save some of my time since going to game takes a lot longer time. but since they are all just covered with alpha, I can't see anything in OpenIV :(( I had to restart game like 5 times to just to allign and resize Calvin Klein logo properly because I couldn't see it in OpenIV. I was tried to just remove the Alpha channel but I guess the texture needs alpha at particular locations because it looked distorted and unproperly when I did that.

    I might have gone a bit too far off to with both my frustration and misjudgement and I apologize for that, it was a sudden spark I had but wish you could at least put the warnings to first set of texture only and maybe (this is just my personal opinion) would instead ask a bit kindly too.

    and sorry for that photo name thingy. I'm apologize again for my misjudgement and I admit it was pretty stupid of me.

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    @ATRO_ONE It's so amazing fren. Deserves every bit of stars <3 I wanted to ask something though. I was using another Paul Walker mod before this and it was replacing Trevor. Though I didn't like the replacing option so I made it addon myself and added the clothes I liked from Trevor.

    So since I already had a custom made clothings and such for him (based on Trev) I decided to replace head, hair and teef files with the previous one I had but the teef file having an issue with something I couldn't figure out. The issue is eyes and mouth are like twitching/shaking all over his face :( Head and hair are fine on the other hand. You think would that be possible to fix by any chance? :((

    12. jan 2021
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    @alex189 Since you took down Lara Croft mod, I'm gonna post it here.
    Today I was decided to change numbers of the texture files in order to reorder them so I can place the ones I like to front and the ones I don't like to end.
    Was also going to make some small personal edits like replacing MotorHeart word with Calvin Klein word since I really like that brand and all I'm seeing is just bunch of useless warnings like "don't do porn", "dont turn her slut". Like wtf dude are you sick?? I don't know have you realized this but this is a game character you know, not your daughter in real life...

    In addition to that, just so you can put useless crappy warnings everywhere, you turned every single texture Alpha including DXT5 format whereas eats up more performance than DXT1 format. Like what the hell? Do you think we have like 60 GB GPU VRAM or something? In heavy modded games even 1 MB matters........
    Why not instead you spend half of your time to fix it's left leg? It's twitching like having a spasm.....

    Moving on from that, was that putting just 1 warning picture inside zip wasn't enough? Like what do you think you will achieve when you turn the every single damn texture into a warning? I will tell you what you achieve. I'm probably most not interested person in nude characters but I'm gonna devote my entire life now just to change her exactly to that. Not for use or going to upload it, but just so I can make it! You really need to realize something that kindness is a lot more powerful when you just kindly ask something compared to put warnings every damn corner... On top of everything, this is just a "FICTIONAL" game character. A character doesn't even exist in real life! There is not a single real exisiting woman that they just scanned her face and imported to their game. I mean if it was like made today's face scan technology I would say maybe he is just so damn much in love with her real face actor and don't want to see her been used as a s** doll which eventhough it's still so weirdo I would understand it to some extend. but it's like, there is just no one and you went through all that trouble just for a non existent entity. and like I said, that ain't someone from your real family either and even if she was, I'm so so much hoping you don't do such a pressure to them because if you do even quarter of that pressure to a child he/she does the exact opposite even if he/she knew it is dead wrong.. I never saw such a sicko crap mod in my entire life. It's like now when I saw all those warnings I got disgusted from it eventhough if I feel like it's not worth bothering myself to turn her exactly what you didn't want, I still just go and delete all those Alpha textures and turn the textures to DXT1 format so I can get rid of those craps.... Also, I saw you put the same warning on Ada Wong Custom Casual too. Yet while I was checking the uploaded pictures, I noticed something quite so much interesting when I saw 12th picture. Just go ahead people and open the image in new tab and check the name he wrote for jpg. Actually let me just post it to you guys; https://img.gta5-mods.com/q95/images/ada-wong-custom-casual-add-on-ped-replace/418499-BITCH.jpg . You see the name he gave to the photo of a character he puts warning under the Credits.txt saying "Don't do porn". You are asking people to not to do porn yet you are making the photo name B****. Yup, the guy hates so much to see this character used for porn too (which is also a fully fictional character) calls her B*****. And at this moment I'm started to feel like the reason you don't want people to make porn or nude or whatever it is I don't give 2 shit is not because you feel like they are humiliating the character, it's because you want to be the only one who do porn with your characters to satisfy your needs. Until I saw that picture name of Ada I thought this is just a weird sicko stuff but after I saw it I realized what a clusterf******* show this really actually is..............

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    10. jan 2021
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    @HKH191 Alrighty. Thank you very much fren.

    08. jan 2021
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    It's surely a great looking car but this making the car half and adding the rest inside a tuning option started becoming a very annoying fashion lately... I don't know is this out of the modders choice or are they doing it while they could do it otherwise but it's really annoying and not to mention the performance these type of vehicles eating up ..

    07. jan 2021
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    @HKH191 Can I use updated versions if I don't have Cayo Perico? I didn't update my game so...

    07. jan 2021
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    Update: Only 1.2.4 and later versions have the issue. 1.2.2 and 1.2.1 fine.

    05. jan 2021
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    @CamxxCore I love the mod but there is a bug I'm experiencing :( While I'm driving boat, every time boat falls down on water my camera turning all over the place at speed of light and I'm seeing glimse of a building but there are other things too I can't make off.

    I tried disabling everything else and using stock ini file but the issue still persist :( Could you take a look please :/ Just take any watercraft and drive 10-15 seconds.

    05. jan 2021
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    @SWolfie May I ask do you know the name of the idle animations of story mode characters? Like Mikey looking left and right, Franky placing his right hand on his head and Trev .. well... poking his nose 😈 :DDDD

    I'm playing with addon peds and using Character Swap to be able to play missions and such but they are doing these awkward idle animations and it looks weird :( I actually only need to remove this from Mikey but removing others idle animations could be useful too :))

    30. dec 2020