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This script restricts weapons to certain peds in order to simulate a scenario of having strict gun laws in San Andreas. Unlike other scripts, this script only removes weapons once, allowing weapons to be added by script after weapons are being removed.

Using LSPDFR with this script is not supported. Only standalone usage is supported by this script. This is due to limitations since this script cannot communicate with LSPDFR and thus might causing troubles.

  • Remove weapons from most peds
  • Allow few gang members have weapons (they are not removed, but if you want them have guns they must have them already, game must given them first...) (chance & groups considered are configurable in INI)
  • Allow all SWAT team members have weapons (configurable in INI)
  • Allow cops to respond with weapons after certain wanted level (configurable in INI)


How to Install
Copy everthing in To Game Folder folder to your GTA V install folder (e.g. where your GTA5.exe was located).

Known Issues
  • If a script or mission spawns peds with weapons without setting them as persistent, they will likely get removed. This is due to game limitations.
    Note that due to script only removes weapons for once dismissing peds are ok.

You can report more issues at either the issue tracker, or in the comments section.

- v1.3.0:
- Interval between scans can now be configured
- Interval between processing each ped can now be configured
- Scanning can now be set to a limited range.
- New ruleset system added, configurable in a new XML file
- Gang member weapon limit is now amount-based
- Hashes of gang groups are now calculated at startup rather than each time a ped processed

- v1.2.2:
- Actually fixed an issue resulted in fixed an issue resulted in config option LevelOfArmed not being respected properly.
- Removed AllowSwatWeapons option due to a problem unable to fix.

- v1.2.1:
- Fixed an issue resulted in config option LevelOfArmed not working as excepted.
- Tweaked AllowSwatWeapons option to ignore LevelOfArmed.

- v1.2.0:
Added a config option called LevelOfArmed. When the wanted level of the local player reaches the level configured in this option, cops will respond with weapons.
Added a config option called GangGroups. Relationship groups written in the config option will be treated as gangs, thus have it's members being considered gang members, applying GangMemberWeaponChance configuration.
Fixed an issue causing weapons from persistent peds being removed.
Fixed an issue causing firefighter's fire extinguishers being removed.

- v1.1.0:
Added a config option called AllowSwatWeapons. If enabled, SWAT team will have weapons.
Added a config option called GangMemberWeaponChance. If enabled, there is a chance of not removing weapons from gang members. Please note that if they want have guns game must give them guns first.

- v1.0.0: Initial release.

License And Credits
This script is open source, licensed under Apache-2.0 license. A copy of the license can be found in this archive. The source code is available at https://gitlab.com/WithLithum/GunControlV. Code is done by WithLithum.

Please note that WithLithum is RelaperCrystal.
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