Addon Blips - Vanilla Locations Pack v1 "," (comma) instead of "." (dot)

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Vanilla locations pack containing text files for the mod Addon Blips (by FIFASam)

You must install his mod first THEN put all the text files in "...scripts/AddonBlips/"

  • This pack add vanilla locations: Ammunation, Barbers, Los Santos Customs garages, Car wash, Cloth stores, Movie theaters, Golf club, Strip club, Tattooers and Gas Stations (I used GTA 5 Interactive map and some forum page to find the locations, and I used Codewalker editor to fine-tune them). For the gas stations, I'm not sure of the precision since I added the coordinates from a page on the net (can't remember where).
  • The blips locations ARE APPROXIMATE (I mean that it's not exactly super precise [more or less 1meter margin], but it does the work, I avoided adding numbers with a comma in the text files since it caused issues in my game [dunno why, issue related to the mod itself]).
  • The text files are organized by category (Ammunation, Barber etc..), so if you want to remove a certain blip or a whole category, just delete the text file (you can open it to see the location ingame name [for exemple "Ponsonbys" store for the clothes category, etc..]). If you want further instructions on how to add blips or change icons etc... refer to the original mod page and readme file (Addon Blips)
  • This pack DOESN'T CHANGE BLIP COLORS: if you want to have the same results as the screenshots, use this : NEW Colorful HUD (Weapons, Radio & Map Blips)
  • This pack DOESN'T CHANGE MAP COLOR: if you want to have the same results as the screenshots, use this : Realistic Street Location/Address Atlas Map
  • NOT ALL BLIPS IN SCREESHOTS ARE ADDED BY THIS PACK (other mods add blips too).
  • Provided screenshots offer a comparison between the blips from this pack being ON or OFF.

I added vanilla locations because I had issues with blips disappearing after adding some (too many I think) mods, so I decided to use "Addon Blips" mod to counter this issue and I think it's working pretty well, plus those locations aren't needed all the time, so the toggle option from "Addon Blips" is great for that.

I included gas stations too because I've been searching for ages for a mod that would add those, but couldn't find any. So if you're just interested in the gas stations, delete all the other text files (except "Gas - XX.txt").

I might add some activities blips later (since those disappeared for me too) or not... TBH I think this pack contains what's most important IMO.

P.S : I added two versions CHOOSE ONLY ONE OF THEM : one contains "," (comma) instead of "." (dot) (that's the one that works for me) and another one which contains the opposite (those changes are for the text files), so if you see that the blips don't show up at all, try the other version instead, otherwise I have no idea why they don't show up for you, see with the original mod. (I'm no modder/programmer, so I have no idea why that happens and if the other version fixes the issue[it happened for me for some mods]).
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