Offshore Production Facilities - Oil Rig 1.2


HeY Oil Rig Roughnecks !! I do this map for OFFSHORE experience, the distance and travel are part of the experience, for this reason i don't add any teleport markers, i really recommend you to make the journey for the first time ! but, maybe you don't want to make the trip every time, without markers you can easily teleport on the site.

A. When you'r on the rig, add a point of interest on the game map and save, then at
anytime you can put the waypoint on it. and teleport with a trainer.

B. 1 Go to loading point and load the map,
2 OPEN MAP EDITOR (imperative) and go to SETTINGS,
3 Check the box "Entity Counter" to see if the number of objects is correct,
4 Check the box "Follow Object With Camera"
5 Go back to menu and go to
"CURRENT ENTITIES" and press on the first object.

Version 1.2

An easier way to go (added a Ship to the horizon to follow the direction)
More lights and better lighting
Only one Rig For low PC
Some improvements

p7.xml = 2 Rigs 1600 props
p8.xml = 1 Rig 900 props

With 1588 Props i'm on the limit for my PC ( i have : i7-4790, 16go RAM, GTX970 )
You need to go to a loading point to have all objects correctly loaded !

If you want try this offshore experience with low PC, you can load the second (p8.xml = 900 props) with only one Oil Rig ( i can load this from the half top of the map )

You can go with Boats if you install
No Boundary Limit

  • All explications, loading point, and the way to go in the video here :

    Requierments :

    Map Editor
    Object Spawn Unlocker or Menyoo : Menyoo
    10k objects

    The Rigs are too far away from the game map, so you need a trainer to make the PLAYER INVINCIBLE! if you don' use No limit Mod, your aircraft MUST BE INVICIBLE TOO !!!

    To have maximum memory on your PC, close all uneeded programs and processus , close the real time antivirus protection and your internet connection.

    More pics in the file !

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