Unmarked Vapid Dominator GTX (Detective) [Add-On] [Custom Soundbank] 1.3


The monochrome murders have gone out of vogue and the pastel pink suits have faded into history - but the moonlighters' love for fast rides still remains at large. This one's no cheetah, but it still can run the extra mile and maul your bum before the coffee break and a scheduled secretary shagging. Dominate the crime scene - with extreme prejudice.

This mod is one of the many special vehicles to be released alongside the upcoming update for Dispatch of Variety. It is an Unmarked Dominator GTX, modified to have a more "Stock" look. The model's locked as of now upon request of various authors of assets used. It may or may not be unlocked in the main mod, Dispatch of Variety by The DV Team once the update is made available to the public.

  • Model used: dvdt3
  • SirenSetting ID: 915

  • A more "stock"/cleaner look for the Vapid Dominator GTX
  • Bare minimum features of a modded vehicle: Working glass shards, LODs, etc.
  • Standard Police Equipment: Spotlights, Pushbar (As an extra), Antennas, and Console
  • Bare minimum features of a modded vehicle: Working glass shards, breakable glass, LODs, etc.
  • Enhanced interior and props with the dashboard camera, police console, tablet, and trunk equipment
  • New wheel model taken from the Stryder! Slightly adjustment and re-positioned to fit the vehicle better
  • Extras are the heart of variation: Each new spawn has great chances to look different than the last
  • New and improved color variations to the unmarked vehicle
  • A chance to spawn with the standard plate for a true unmarked feel
  • Custom Soundbank! Immerse yourself with the Dominator GTX engine with added sirens from the Police Buffalo
  • Working Spotlights! Makes use of extralight slots 3 and 4, works by pressing 'H' twice (same function as to turning on your fog lights)
  • Immersive trunk equipment and weapon rewards! Get rewarded with a Carbine Rifle and Health the moment you enter the vehicle.

  • A copy of Grand Theft Auto V running at least Patch v1.43 (Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series)
  • OpenIV
  • OpenIV.ASI (for the mods folder)

Take some time to appreciate the community and all the hard work they've put out for this game!

My sincerest gratitude goes to the following talented modders for guiding me through Zmodeler3, making me understand the extras system, and aid in fixing the biggest bugs during development: w/, IlayArye, Voit Turyv, 11john11, Monky, bravo-one-charlie, and TheF3nt0n

The model is LOCKED. Copying or redistributing this mod, its assets, or textures without permission or approval by its respective authors is prohibited. This mod is exclusive for download at GTA5-Mods.com only. Downloads from other sites is stolen. Using this mod for commercial, financial, or personal gain is prohibited. It is, and always will be free for everyone.

Modding, relative to its room full of possibilities—unfortunately, consumes a lot of time in the real world. Nonetheless, all my mods shall always be released free of charge as thanks to the games’ developers and the community that makes it alive!

A simple click of the download button and rating my mods would already mean a lot to me. If you have the financial means to do so, please consider donating via Paypal (linked on my profile on the upper left corner) in order to make up for all the time spent so I may remain motivated to keep creating content for everyone.

Alternatively, you may join The Modcave, my personal Discord Server, and keep in touch with my up and coming mods, or simply engage in productive conversation with fellow nerds.

v1.3 (05-04-2020)
  • Updated to be compatible alongside my other mod, Immersive Pickups: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/immersive-pickups
  • Now, with Immersive Pickups installed, you will receive a fire extinguisher reward upon entering the vehicle. This is thanks to Immersive Pickup's new feature which gives previously unrewardable and unobtainable weapons necessary entries for the game to recognize them
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Immersive Pickups is by no means a requirement, but a recommendation, so don't worry it will still work without crashes if you choose not to install it.

v1.2 (04-20-2020):
  • The vehicle should now display "Vapid Dominator GTX (Detective), Emergency" once entered, as opposed to before where it only said "Vapid Dominator GTX, Emergency"
  • Updated manual installation instructions to fix a missing '\' so the dlcpack gets loaded, thanks to PackratDFv for the head's up

v1.1 (04-18-2020):
  • Fixed a careless typo in content.xml located in update\x64\dlcpacks\dvdick3\dlc.rpf\content.xml that caused a fatal crash during load
  • Optimized code that adds the dlc package line in dlclist.xml
  • Added folder for Manual Installation method for those having problems with the automated .OIV Package Installer

v1.0 (04-18-2020):
  • Initial Release
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