Miami Emergency And Service Pack [ Add-on | Non-els | Lods ] 1.0


Miami Emergency and Service Pack is an add-on with an authentic as possible selections of emergency and service vehicles used during the 80/90's period.
Including the legendary crown victoria ( from 91 to 01 model) the caprice ( from 90 to 96 ) and much more!

notice :the ambulance,taxi and polmav are replace, if you want them as add-on an tutorial are present to explain how to change name of those vehicles.
If you begin modding on gta , i suggest to watch some tutorial to be sure you done everythings correctly.

Recommended mods :

https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/vice-city-miami-taxi-driver ( need vice cry map )
https://www.gta5-mods.com/users/satyricon84 ( for florida plate )

Features :

-Custom Handling
-Paintable interior ( for some car )
-Various extra [Multiples hubcaps, spotlight with different modes, pushbar, antenna etc]
-Lods for every vehicles
-non els lights
-multiple liveries, with lod (4K and 2K, template include )

Warning :

In order to have the pack working correctly please install those following files :

Q/a :
q : Does the map is include?
r : No the map are not done by me, and have been taken down from this site so you need to search it.
q : Does we can except an els version?
r : No as it's decrease performance and use extra witch are already pretty full.
q: Can it cause performance issue ?
r : It's possible depending on witch other mods you use and/or your pc spec but the car are all optimized with lods, not too much polygon so you should not have problems if you use a proper gameconfig and other asi recommended.
q : Does it have conflict with other mods ?
r : With heavy mods that replace same part as this mods, yes ( like wov, rde etc ), if you confident with modding you can for exemple use rde peds along with this pack if you disable vehicles , i recommand check on 5mods forum or youtube tutorial if you begin as it's explain everythings you need to know for basic/complex edit.

*full crei
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First Uploaded: 27. mar 2022
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