IVPack: The Overhaul [Handling | Metas] 0.6



This handling mod requires the original IVPack to work.

0.6 (Special thanks to Funnypig and their GTAO server for the testing and feedback for this one)
- Sultan S: Raised inertia and grip.
- Cavcade FXT, Admiral, Buccaneer, Fortune: Raised inertia.
- Feltzer: Improved suspensiond, inertia and grip. It is now proper.
- Feroci: Better suspension.
- Pinnacle: Better grip, inertia and suspension too.
- PMP600: Less inertia (made lighter) and better grip.
- Premier Classic and Willard: Made more boaty, better grip.
- Rebla: Better grip.
- Schafter: Better grip, fixed understeer issues.

- Improved the grip on the Futo Hatch, Presidente, Hakumai, Uranus and SuperGT.
- Improved the suspension on the Phoenix, Rancher and DF-8.
- Fixed heavy understeer and stiff suspension issues on the Typhoon and Schafter GTR.
- Updated the Sabre and Vigero vehicles.meta entries so they get the fixed names from the original IVPack files.

- Fixed a few VERY low grip values in some cars (Cheetah Classic, Phoenix, Lokus, Interceptor, Brickade), and added a bit of bodyroll to them.
- Added a custom Bodhi (Clean) handling. Its ID is BODHIC.
- Improved the Brickade enginepower (reduced) and gave it a more proper, soft but strong suspension. Also better inertia.

- Improved overall deformation.
- Pinnacle: Improved suspension and grip (too stiff, too little)
- Added Mr Tasty and Transit Bus handling.
- Sultan S: Fixed griploss (had none)
- Sabre: Fixed ABS (had none)

- Improved overall grip and griploss
- Fixed inexistent bodyroll on some of the cars
- Tweaked some suspensions for FutoGT, Sentinel GTR, Schafter GTR, Hakumai, etc to better represent their role
- Reworked Turismo & Cheetah Classic

This mod overwrites some IVPack .meta files to overhaul the way the vehicles handle and behave, making each vehicle more unique, interesting to drive and sometimes even own.

The reasons
IVPack's handling files are not unique nor handcrafted, they are V vanillla handling files repurposed and slightly tweaked. This makes most cars not have a handling that defines them in any real way, a lot of cars having repeated values or even directly loading vanilla handling IDs, instead of their own unique ones.

IVPack is also a great testing ground for my overall handling overhaul project, which would span all vanilla vehicles and all lore friendly vehicle packs, if completed. IVPack has a good variety of vehicles of all classes and its not that big, which makes it perfect for me to test if this overhaul project would actually be worth working for. What I achieve with IVPack will be a testament of what the big overhaul will be like.

The aim
Overall, the vehicles should handle under coherent rules. Think of it as a mix between IV and V with a bit of realism/credibility thrown in.

This overhaul is ruled by credibility and coherence. It is NOT ruled by convenience (unlike V), and therebefore, no car is tuned to be convenient to drive. Vehicles have their own characteristics, personality and issues.

The logic behind each vehicle class and each specific vehicle is too complex to write here, but expect shitty cars to handle like shit, specialized cars to handle well in their enviroment, badly when out of it. Etcetera.

Handling features (Main thing I'm working on now)
- More vehicle inertia, which helps making the cars feel weighty. Its tailored to each vehicle, so some vehicles will still feel nimble, others will feel way heavier.
- Less overall grip, again coherent with each vehicle. Not a good idea to speed with a Marbella anymore, but the Typhoon can go flat almost anywhere.
- Softer suspension and more suspension travel.
- Bodyroll.
- Tires can now clip through the ground (but only down to the rim) to simulate tire deformation and add another layer of suspension smoothing.
- The fake wheelspin multiplier has been completely disabled. This, combined with the overall less grip, allows the cars to suffer wheelspin more naturally, with the grip lost from it being due to the tyre sliding, not an external multiplier.

Bikes, Trucks, Helicopters, Boats and planes are not included yet.

Future features (Will be tackled later on)
- Finetuned enginepower and brakepower for the vehicles.
- Modkit ID fixes (some cars have no modkit, they should have Modkit 0 to at least have the basic performance tuning options)
- Finetuned performance tuning options for the vehicles.
- Disabled 'FORCE_GROUND_CLEARANCE' flag for all vehicles, optional. That flag allows cars to properly bottom out, allows the underside to collide with everything, and removes the dance on two wheels.

The overhaul consists of just two files that will replace the original IVPack ones, inside the /pres/ dlcpack.
- Open the downloaded file and extract the Common folder and its contents somewhere.
- Using OpenIV, situate yourself on 'Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\pres\dlc.rpf\'.
You will see another Common folder there.
- Copy the extracted Common over it, replacing it.

You are done, fire up the game and enjoy.

Now, in case you want to know what you're replacing, you will replace two files inside:
- pres\dlc.rpf\common\data\levels\gta5\vehicles.meta
- pres\dlc.rpf\common\data\handling.meta

Vehicles.meta contains some fixes to redirect the cars to new, unique handling IDs.
Handling.meta contains the new handling IDs and fixes to the originals.
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