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    @adopcalipt Looks nice now :D Appreciate it!

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    So here is a bug I found that happens all the time on my PC: After running it for about 10 min, the OnlinePlayerz.Main thread was aborted due to an IOException: The process cannot access the PlayerZLog.txt file because it is being used by another process. Is it just me or did you also saw this issue before?

    30. sep 2021
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    This is something with great potential!

    30. sep 2021
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    @noobe Thanks!
    calling: The calling animation is still in progress and I need to learn how to attach cellphone to player's hand properly...

    Heist: For members not following or spawning, it could be because the path nodes are not fully placed in some areas like north Yankton by Rockstar. This is hard to fix from the script.

    The squad dismiss function will be remade for the next update. It looks a bit funny indeed XD

    Companions talk shit to player: lol this is something struggles me for a while. I may change to another way of choosing a member like getting close to them to interact.

    Actually there are two entrances to go to the penthouse: through the elevator in the garage and another front door facing Pillboxhill street. If you load all the guards around the penthouse, you will see there is one guarding that front door.

    30. sep 2021
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    @noobe no problem :)

    30. sep 2021
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    @noobe So in the hotfix version I just make them invincible and it works well for me XD Let me try the reviving thing later.
    They can also come nearby when you teleport to somewhere too far away.
    The animation of calling and waving hands to the airforce is modified but still need more work. Hope this will make it more immersive :D

    29. sep 2021
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    @noobe I see :o The details you provided are important and I appreciate it!
    For 3: I do have the same interest lol. To make the members more efficient I just press L when aiming at the police and mark them as hated targets. Unlike other enemies, if not set the police as hated targets, Members will not proactively attack the police. It's quite interesting as Rockstar does not want the player to hate the police when being wanted XD

    28. sep 2021
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    @noobe Very happy to see these valuable LOVE to sees! Here are my responses to each of them:

    1. Thanks for telling me this bug!
    Do you mean they walk away from you or they cannot come to you from far away?
    For this version you can try to let them rest first, then call these resters to come nearby.

    2. This is indeed a necessary feature :o Let me think about the animations of reviving them...

    3. Oh did they just die from one headshot... Let me fix that in the next patch. They are actually buffed to 8000 health but maybe they should be much stronger.

    4. Thanks for reminding me of this detail :) It will be fixed for sure.

    27. sep 2021
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    @noobe Your kind words made my day broooo :D will keep working on it

    26. sep 2021