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    do not know how to get companion in the newest update

    10. apr 2022
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    this still being worked on?

    13. feb 2022
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    @specialDude ok wow you didnt even let me know a new version dropped
    anyways the new features are pretty cool, they can finally live for longer than 10 seconds but there are still some odd things i wanna point out
    1. when they follow me whilst im in a vehicle they most of the time go get another one, while this is very minor it'd be cool to get them to all get in the car you're driving
    2. for some reason the loading never works on the first press of l but always on the second, no idea why and nothing helps

    30. okt 2021
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    alright so here are the problems and what they affect:
    1. the phone doesnt show up
    2. if i hold a gun out i call from my gun which is quite silly
    1. still makes them disappear (although if i do tell them to rest they stay)
    1. if the non gun squad gets out of the vehicle and i call em off the driver just drives away without them, even running them over
    1. sometimes the companions call me pendeho when i want to buy them a gun (while aiming at them)
    now what im glad is in the hotfix:
    1. they're invincible and that made my police elimination a whole lot easier
    1. they teleport after me so i can easily go somewhere and they will come along
    2. i figured out where to go up to the roof on the penthouse (neat)

    30. sep 2021
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    as soon as i can download it ill test it and let you know how it is, thanks man

    30. sep 2021
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    @specialDude yeah i also do that but the cops dont have 1 hp so they can still shoot and when they do the buddies just went flatline and in a minute they're all gone and you gotta call the squad
    also sometimes when i aim at them they curse me out, not much of a bug really but its kinda odd considering i gave them 5000 dollars

    29. sep 2021
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    responses to responses why not
    1. sometimes they just warp under the map or somewhere else (their blip is there but they arent anywhere nearby) or just plain disappear (no blip no model)
    2. it could be a bit of the searching animation from online so that your character just kinda pats them and they magically get up
    3. i sometimes just wanna see them fight the police but they get shot once and get into their "oh my god i have been shot i am in great pain" animation and then they just kinda die
    4. thanks

    28. sep 2021
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    heres some things i'd LOVE to see:
    -sometimes i use heist mods and all my companions just kinda go away, dont really help me in anyway, look into it if you can
    -reviving your fallen comrades somehow (sometimes it gets annoying, and we COULD just use a medkit or something)
    -buying your team armor so that they arent just random fellas that die to one bullet
    -sometimes the animation of the main character calling his bois doesnt really work and he just kinda stands there (i like animations so that happening kinda makes me go :( )

    27. sep 2021
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    @specialDude i will be observing your career with great interest

    26. sep 2021
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    @specialDude yeah i think its like
    i dunno the best mod i have yet seen??

    25. sep 2021