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    Almost perfect for me, no err mem bug etc. But I have a problem with peds - they reappear too quickly, for example I shoot rottweiler when he attack me (dog run from backyard), then I walk for like 4-5 meters, and he appear again in the same backyard and attack me again. And sometimes when I fight with peds, they don't die - only stop fighting, and I can't punch them anymore - but still I can shoot them. Cheers!

    07. mar 2018
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    @GanjaHouse thanks! I will try to ask them :).

    19. feb 2018
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    @GanjaHouse I have a question unrelated to this pack- I've seen classic Rolls-Royce on your flickr, can You tell me where can I get (or buy) it?

    19. feb 2018
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    @libertz lakomy.jakub1991@gmail.com thanks :D

    14. feb 2018
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    @libertz Hey, I want this cars if You can send me :D -I'm not sure, but I have some of this cars from russian site (m.......s.ru), but I want to check it. Cheers!

    13. feb 2018
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    Great car! I always love this type of Fury - it looks absolutely badass. This mod is just great, 5 stars from me. Thanks!

    26. jan 2018
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    @sjaak327 Hey, do you know how to make special ammo working (like explosvie ammo for Sniper Rifle V2)? After adding it doesn't work (rifle still shoots normal bullets), but it shows in weapon wheel menu with others addons.

    21. jan 2018
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    @sjaak327 Hey, I have a problem with special ammo types like Dragon Breath shells, exploding shells or explosive bullets - they don't work properly, for example dragon breath shells - "flame" from barrel is different, but bullet don't set anyone on fire etc. When I try it before (not 100% sure, but i think it was on 6,4 trainer version) everything works good, now I use the newest version.

    19. jan 2018
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    @schnurboy I think there is a conflict with some parts from other car You have, but I'm not sure. I have something like this with BMW M3 E36 V8 Biturbo (by Rmod customs). Then he release update with note "Fixed bug: Conflicts with Tuning parts from M3 Rocket Bunny" and that problem disappeard. I think it can be something similar, but unfortunately idk how to fix it.

    24. dec 2016
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    @GMonroe Did You change numbers in both lines in carcols? It should look like this:

    <id value="1982"/>

    If You do and tuning still doesn't work, then try to change ID's numbers to another (for example 1983, 1984 etc), but You must try which one will work.

    19. dec 2016