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  • Franklin

    Now ALL Take OUT Your BMW M3 GTR E46 And lets RIDE :D

    04. apr 2022
  • Franklin

    i noticed that, Swimmable water arent everywhere, it now worked some places where it dosent work vanilla .dat file, but worket your modified file, but litlebit far a way, it dosent work. maybe needed to test out heighmap generator or try modifie something. but great work.

    03. dec 2021
  • Franklin

    some of guys already done realtime parking cam, but what this mod do, idk

    17. apr 2020
  • Franklin

    Is it work also when i instal it to FiveM, and i or my friend sit in a driving seat (when car was damaged or run out a fule) and i or my friend push a car and another person steering a wheele? Its greate mod for Rp server.

    29. maj 2018
  • Franklin

    i found litle bug, if you show turn signal to right then back indicators sows left and if you show left signal then back indicators shows right, front lights are ok.

    02. okt 2016
  • Franklin


    1:Copy update folder to
    X:\Grand Theft Auto V\

    But there is no update folder ther (RAR Pack) only ADDON foder and ther dlc... plz make ADD on version again and plz make us plate for stock car, GTA V located in US, then i like to see cars with US plates not a LT or nohthing that. Only US plates plz

    25. sep 2016
  • Franklin

    @Anime_Boom Finaly someone do that :), Tnx Bro

    29. dec 2015
  • Franklin

    Better way is make add on version

    18. dec 2015
  • Franklin

    @schnurboy, do you and cars just a single DLC pach or make diferent DLC pach for diferent car marks. Like all audi's goes Audi/DLC, all BMW s go another DLC pach. Sorry my bad english but i hope you understand me.

    09. dec 2015
  • Franklin

    @mrchazta, First of all, I apologize for my poor English skills. I have not tried your mod yet, but can your mod includes that, if you driving a car and have one star and police give you a stop sing and when you stop your vehicle, then police stop also, back to your car, comes out and comes to your vardor/window and ask your documents (driving licenses, sheck car inspection, if your drunk then cops dont let you drive, you must get out and enter to the police car back seat) if not, then this ideas could come next updates) and Some more ideas, if you park your vehicle wrong (if it block the traffic), then your car is towed away. Same then, if you have already get a 3 parking ticket and you are not pay, then car is towed away.
    If you park a car somevhere, you can lock a car and activate a car alarm lock. if you not do that, then its possible, you become the victim of the robbery (car radio- you can not listen radio pefore you don't buy a new one on the car shop, market,) stole your car wheels an so on.

    Sorry my bad english, but i hope you anderstund what i mean,

    Best Regards,

    08. dec 2015