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    @sollaholla That is the Web Zip button , i mean the swinging one that you use on the LMB . If i change it , i won't be able to shoot or use weapons . Talking about that , is there a way to use the weapons too without getting the superpowers menu ? When i hit tab i can't choose the weapons anymore . I know it's not intended to be used this way but i would like to use a normal ped with the walking on walls thing and the nice animations to play as a "special ops" character . So i don't need the HUD and the Web Swinging . The mod is awesome tho .

    I am using it with the Crysis mod and with the walking on walls thing it feels so amazing . Like a supersoldier . But the hud and the web swinging is not needed . If there is a way to disable it it would be amazing . (Amazing work on them , you have talent )

    19. avg 2018
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    Is there a way to change the swing button ? Awesome mod by the way .

    17. avg 2018
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    @DJHaK Ok . So i tested some stuff and it appears that when i change my character (Franklin) with a modified ped (that i made trough Menyoo trainer), it does not find the money that i have anymore . The fix to this is to go back to Franklin or the other 2 and call the car and then go back to you'r outfit (changed ped) . Maybe our friend lucas can fix this ? :D

    The game still doesn't save the gangs and all .. .

    17. sep 2017
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    Nice mod ;) Would be better if you make a cling! sound or something instead of the voice :D

    17. sep 2017
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    2 Questions :

    1. It says that i have no resources when i call a car or parachutes support .. or when i try to take over a zone . "You don't have the resources to take over a neutral zone" I have a lot of money . Is there a second resource added ? And if yes how do i get it ?
    2.Is there any way to save the progress ? At the moment i have to redo every gang member and car and take all the zones from the start every time i start the game again . I tryed to save after the progress and it resets every time .
    And is there a way to make the other gangs start with a different model than the ones in bikini ? And have it from the start like that without adding them over and over again .

    If there is a way to save the progress please please tell me . It would help me so mutch !
    Other than that , great mod ! I hope you add a colored zone on the map like in GTA San Andreas .
    Thank you for such a great mod !

    17. sep 2017