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    Thanks a lot! You are the best!

    09. okt 2022
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    Cool, thanks a lot for this mode.
    I've wanted to make beach peds more various, especially girls, cause their set of appearances is small.
    If you will improve young beach female (a_f_y_beach01), it would be great!
    Add her some new clothes (closed swimsuit for example), some new hats and sunglasses, a pair of flip-flops, and something like that.
    Thanks a lot for your amazing mode and good luck for the next projects!

    26. avg 2022
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    Your mod is really cool - thanks a lot for it.
    I have some questions about it.
    1) As I understood, you took part of model (legs in shorts) for hiker from model of jogger female. How did you edit "ydd" file? What tools for that did you use?
    2) I think, 3D model of body, weared in shirt was not taken from any GTA ped, but you've drawn it in some 3D program. What tools for that did you use for that?
    3) Don't you think about making new models of beach people? For example, 1970 styles?
    So, thanks a lot for your mods.
    It would be great, if you'l answer me.

    16. nov 2018