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    @Rangoyaa нужно убрать из анимации корневое движение. если тебе нужно убрать непосредственно в игре, без использования 3д редакторов, то как вариант можно поэкспериментировать с флагами запуска анимации ( тут я тебе сейчас точно не подскажу, какой именно флаг убирает корневое движение, так как давно уже с флагами не работал).

    17. nov 2023
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    @LENBRAPmodOff There are two ways how this can be done. The first way is to simply turn off the collision of the item. second way, use a special flag for animation (in menyoo it 512 or 1024 flag)

    20. sep 2023
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    @Shotbyge3k most important thing is to set the right position. I do it through menyoo sequences. I set the teleport to a certain position, then I set face direction ( i do this for both ( or more) peds) and then correct teleport\face direction position if animations plays not corectly. but in general, you can write the appropriate script, where you can score the desired coordinates. for example, you can check how standard rockstar melee finisher animations are launched and repeat it

    22. mar 2023
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    @DJ-LEXX модель да, взята из splinter cell. по поводу ссылки, дать ее не могу, т.к. ее в принципе нет, я переносил ее под свои машинима проекты и нигде ее не выкладывал. но если она тебе так нужна, то можешь мне в дискорде написать, я ее тебе через личку скину ( мой ник в дискорде "BoringNeptune (Денис)#4294" )

    15. jan 2023
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    @timelessaru spray paint animation, it is a ingame animation added with the release of cayo perico or something like that. so this animation is already in the game

    07. jan 2023
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    @ardabuddy It's just animation, nothing more. if you need to embed animations into gameplay, you need to write scripts. I do not do this. about how and where you can play animations, you need a menyoo, or its analogue with the function of playing animations. option to play animations ( for menyoo) can be found in the ped options.

    06. dec 2022
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    @Scullyy Literally one post above, I already answered the same question but oh well. you can use these animations wherever you want and how you want (within GTA 5)

    24. nov 2022
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    @Ironia_Official @Ironia_Official at the moment this can only be done through sollumz in blender. in a nutshell, you need bake animation xyz movement ( root bone) for root position and root rotation.

    22. nov 2022
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    @nj5050 you can use these animations through any program\trainer where a function to animations play

    20. okt 2022
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    @TayMcKenzie you can use these animations wherever you want
    @Aktiosa no, I don't have my own discord server
    @troppoe I think I downloaded it somewhere on this site, but I'm not sure

    16. okt 2022