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Important Not for the Mod Name
This mod will be changing its name from "EXE Integrity Bypass Against RGL" (the next name has not been decided actually, let me dig into the issue more first), which will also be applied to archives since v1.1. alloc8or told us more accurate info about why GTA5.exe fails to check the integrity against socialclub.dll in versions older than the game build 2824.

This ASI program bypasses/disables the issuer check that GTA5.exe does, which is done by communicating with socialclub.dll. As a result, you can avoid the game refusing to start with the error code 16 for using a version of the exe older than the game build 2824. With this plugin, you can disassemble GTA5.exe for b2699 or older while running working game environments for one of the versions, where compiler's RTTI info is present. You don't need to use this ASI for v1.0.2824.0 or newer ones, because the game don't check the issuer at all in those versions.
For your information, you cannot patch the exe file with a hex editor at all because almost all part of the game code is encrypted before the launch of the game. This ASI does not disable any social club features, so you can use them (e.g. using your characters for GTA Online in the Director Mode). You should use this mod with the latest RGL!
You can't access GTA Online with the ASI loader installed since v1.0.1032.1 (v1.3.9), so you don't need to worry about accessing it by accident.

Without modifying the game code, the game tests if the issuer of socialclub.dll is either "Entrust Code Signing Certification Authority - L1D, Entrust Code Signing CA - OVCS1", or "DigiCert SHA2 Assured ID Code Signing CA" at a earlier stage (will be called during the first Rockstar logo movie and only once, the issuer check won't be done in newer game builds). This plugin just prevents the game from listening to the query result. Looks like Rockstar Games started testing even in Steam and EGS versions starting from April 4th 2023 (in UTC) at the latest.

What made you create this and not alloc8or?
Firstly, alloc8or could make this kind of tool if this issue started to happen for everyone who tries to use a non-latest version until the first half of 2022, but he hasn't been active in GTA modding that much since the beginning of 2023. Another brilliant dev who is familiar with computer science so much got inactive, just like MulleDK19 (who is one of the developers who made RAGE Plugin Hook and has been inactive since May 2021). Neither of them provided source codes of their works or obfuscated their code though (for obfuscation I'm sure works of MulleDK19 or LMS are affected but maybe not the case for alloc8or's).
Secondly, discussing pirating stuff is not allowed in 5Mods and some moderator silently deleted one of my massage that innocently included how to bypass this check with pirated stuff in the 5Mods Discord.

For those reasons, I thought I should create this program to provide a clean way that will be allowed to discuss and this will make us easier to inspect old versions using a disassembler without the help of tainted/dirty stuff (and I will need this tool to add tons of advanced features in ScriptHookVDotNet too, where I am the project lead since May 2023). I tried to create this and managed to do like in 6 hours including the simple log system and a simple testing for compatibility.

Simply drop ExeIntegrityBypassAgainstRGL.asi into your Grand Theft Auto V folder.
You can see ExeIntegrityBypassAgainstRGL.log created or updated if the ASI runs and the exe has the permission to write to the root folder (won't update the log if the permission is insufficient as logging is not mandatory).
You will need appropriate update.rpf files (at least appropriate ysc script files) for the GTA5.exe you are planning to use (e.g. update.rpf for game build 2699 for the b2699 of GTA5.exe) because hashes for native functions are actually changed in most updates (but no native hash update between b2612 and b2699 at least).

The ASI loader. Script Hook V is not needed.
Although this requires Visual C++ Redistributable 2019+ to run, You should have Visual C++ Redistributable 2019 installed already when you installed Rockstar Games Launcher.

To avoid executing the unpatched code, this program will try to patch with another thread and the created thread will keep the main thread suspended until the patch completes (actually yoinked from GTAVLauncherBypass but I changed the code to suspend only one thread). So if the patch fails half done, the game may not get started infinitely.
If Rockstar patch this tool by not even launching a process of GTA5.exe if the exe is not the latest one, this tool can do nothing since the tool can't be loaded in that case (I doubt that will happen since the issuer check is less restricted in later game builds according to what alloc8or said in the above state).
After the patch job is finished, the ASI will detach itself from GTA5.exe and will not occupy the memory or have the lock for the ASI file any longer (Ninja style!), letting you remove the ASI file while the game is running in case you are wondering.

This tool supports all the versions that use Rockstar Games Launcher (tested in b2060, b2372, b2699, and b2802 of Steam version), but this does not support any versions that use the old Social Club system (so this tool doesn't do the job in b1868 or earlier). You can use this tool in v2824 or newer, but this tool does not offer anything meaningful than the complete vanilla game in that case since the issuer check doesn't exist at all in those versions.

Souce Code
Can be found on GitHub, which is licensed under BSD Zero Clause License, where you can do basically anything against the source code but not a public domain dedication (so some parties such as Google can use some piece of code) and without liability and warranty.
I don't want to keep this thing secret or protected with copyright. Some part of source code is redundant (in v1.0) since I made this tool in a bit of a hurry.
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