VRope [.NET] 1.0.11 alpha fix1



VRope v1.0.11.37902 alpha.

Mod Description
This mod allows you to attach pairs of objects using wires/ropes. You can attach objects to virtually anything. Peds, walls, streetlights, dogs, helicopters, mailboxes, cars, etc.

( F11 ) Disable/Enable the Mod.
The mod is enabled automatically on game load.

Change Log
> Bug Fixed: Peds that die attached to a rope cause an "ArgumentOutOfRangeException" error.
> Peds that die attached to a rope now are automatically detached. A new global variable MAX_HOOKED_PED_DISTANCE
control how far a attached Ped can be from the player before it is detached.
> Updated mod to .NET 4.8.x and latest versions of ScriptHookV and ScriptHookVNet2.
> Minor bug fixing.

Main Features & Default Controls
  • Attach a pair of objects with a rope/wire.
    (Aim+H Key | Aim+A Button).

    • Attach the player character to an object. Works when the player is on foot or driving.
      (Aim+T Key | Aim+B Button).

      • Apply a directed force to the the object you're aiming at.
        (Aim+LShiftKey+E Keys | Aim+DPadLeft Button)

        • Apply a force with inverted direction to the object you're aiming at.
          (Aim+LMenu(Left Alt)+E Keys | Aim+Y Button)

          • Apply a force to an object towards a second object or position.
            (Aim+E Key | Aim+A Button)

            • Increase the force value.
              (LMenu(Left Alt)+WeaponWheelPrev Key | RightShoulder+RightStickUp Buttons)

              • Decrease the force value.
                (LMenu(Left Alt)+WeaponWheelNext Keys | RightShoulder+RightStickDown Buttons)

                • Wind the last rope created or all the ropes to make the attached objects get closer.
                  ((Hold) Y/J Keys | DPadRight/DPadRight+RightShoulder Buttons).

                  • Unwind the last rope created or all the ropes until they return to their original lengths.
                    ((Hold) U/K Keys | None/DPadUp+X Buttons).

                    • Detach the last attachment or all attachments created.
                      (X/Z Keys | DPadDown/DPadDown+RightTrigger Buttons).

                      • Toggle the "Balloon Hook Mode".
                        (LMenu+LShiftKey Keys | LeftThumb Button).

                        • Increase the Balloon Up Force.
                          (LShiftKey+WeaponPrev Keys | LeftTrigger+RightShoulder+RightStickUp Buttons).

                          • Decrease the Balloon Up Force.
                            (LShiftKey+WeaponNext Keys | LeftTrigger+RightShoulder+RightStickDown Buttons).

                            • Toggle the "No Subtitles Mode">
                              (LMenu+Back (Backspace) Keys).

                              • Objects are automatically detached when they are too far from the player (Only if Free Range Mode is disabled).
                              • Objects are attached based on where you aimed at them.
                              • Objects are automatically detached if they get deleted/despawned by the game.

                              > Important: All control keys and button assignments can be changed in the VRope.ini config file.

                              Known Limitations/Bugs
                              • Making attached peds move at really extreme speeds may crash the game.
                              • There is a small chance that attaching ropes to Peds may lead to a game crash (RAGE/Euphoria glitch. Not fixable by me)
                              • Peds (except the player) can't be attached to more than one object/ped for now.
                              • Peds are automatically detached from all ropes when they die and can't be attached to anything.
                              • ...and a few others.

                              - Unzip everything inside your GTA V/scripts/ folder.


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                              First Uploaded: 02. mar 2019
                              Last Updated: 23. jan 2020
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