The Laundromat - A Money Laundering Mod 0.8.0



A simple and immersive script that lets you arrange a deal with The Laundromat Guy the right person to "clean" all the money you have make through robbery, heist and many other criminal activities you are involved. Just call him and take an appointment, he going to tell you where to go.
Get your dirty money and make them legal its not an easy work, so you have to wait a coupple of days before you can go get them.
Obviously The Laundromat Guy doesn't work for charity and take a slice of the cake...
The Laundromat Guy have two bodyguard, dont make anything stupid when they are around or they going to shoot you!
As of v0.4 there is a reputation system, gain reputation depend on how much money you clean, a bigger reputation means lowest percentage for the guy, a reputation below 0 (gained if you kill the guy or his guards) means high percentage for the guy

Immersive dialogue lines and actions
Working with all three characters
The Laundromat and his bodyguards spawn in random position and clothes
Different situation if you attack The Laundromat Guy or his guards
You can change from the ini file the main keys

  • Help Text like "press O to knock" don't work well after you kill a guard or the laundromat guy
This is my first mod so expect some bugs or typo since english is not my mother tongue. If you found any bugs, please report in the comments.


Put all the file in your script folder

Future Plans
Possibility to make "washed money" return to you as earnings from property (Tivoli Cinema, Smoke On The Water...)
Possibility to rob The Laundromat
Possibility to get police raid
Possibility of someone rat on you and you get robbed by thug outside The Laundromat

- Compatibility with Character Swap or similar mods. Reworked how the script check which character is playing. Now it check on player's ped model so, every time you change model the script switch between: FRANKLIN | MICHAEL | TREVOR | MPMALE | MPFEMALE | OTHER, where OTHER are all other kind of ped model like Addon peds, animals, cop.
- ATTENTION! TheLaundromat.ini has changed, copy/edit new tags in the old one if you don't want to overwrite.

- Fixed first door not unlocking if you are too distant
- Now you don't get asked to convert cleaned money received from the laundromat guy if you use my Dirty Money System
- Added an option in the ini file to decide how many days the laundromat guy needs to clean your money

if you don't want to replace your ini file just add "[OPTIONS]
DAYS = 2" after "CANCEL DEAL = B"

- Changed from SHVDN2 to SHVDN3
- Added another guard who open the door for you.
- Some immersion improvement, now the laundromat guy and his men greet you or insult when you arrive depending on your reputation.
- Fixed an error regarding appointment day. Now should be everything ok
- Since EAI option "open all closed door" decrease FPS, now the first door is controlled by the mod (keep in mind you still need EAI to load the interior) Its useful just in case you play with that option set to false.

Known Bug:
- Laundromat guards act like if they can see throug wall if you start a shootout
- Sometimes the talking stuff don't get triggered

- Now working with Freemode character (or any CIVMALE/CIVFEMALE)
you need Player Companion from justlemon for collect clean money from The Laundromat Guy.
- Reworked the check on date for collect clean money so now doesn't take care of daytime.

- fixed a bug that make the script crash on switching to Trevor
- maybe fixed the compatibility issue with Dealien Hunger/Sleep

- reworked a lot of the code to make it less resource intensive
- as a test for compatibility with other mods now the script use external function from Dirty Money.dlll
- now if you don't have Dirty Money.dll it works with vanilla money only

- added separator for money so it's no longer $1234567 but $1.234.567
- added multiplier for $1.000.000
- reworked char switching control
- reworked xml reading from DirtyMoney.xml

v0.5 - hotfix
-fixed a bug that doesn't let you clean money over a certain amount
- reworked some code to avoid fps loss

- Fixed (I hope) a compatibility problem with Dealien Hunger/Sleep
- Now the script need Dirty Money Sysytem to work, the laundromat guy acept only dirty money from now

-fixed a bug that doesn't get the right amount of money that character have (thanks to Joseph 78)
- now the second yellow door (that one in the room where you meet the guy) get locked once the guy go away
- added reputation system, bigger reputation means lowest percentage for the guy, reputation goes up depending on how much money you clean (see below) act like a crazy fuck drastically lower your reputation, a reputation below 0 means highest percentage for the guy
- reworked some percentage stuff (see below)
- added reputation value to ini file

    Reputation gain
  • 1 for money less then 50.000$
  • 3 for money between 50.000 e 100.000$
  • 6 for money between 100.000 and 500.000
  • 9 for money up to 500.000

    Reputation below 0
  • 60% for money less then 50.000$
  • 50% for money between 50.000 e 100.000$
  • 40% for money between 100.000 and 500.000
  • 30% for money up to 500.000

    Reputation between 0 and 25
  • 30% for money less then 50.000$
  • 20% for money between 50.000 e 100.000$
  • 10% for money between 100.000 and 500.000
  • 5% for money up to 500.000

    Reputation between 25 and 50
  • 25% for money less then 50.000$
  • 15% for money between 50.000 e 100.000$
  • 5% for money between 100.000 and 500.000
  • 3% for money up to 500.000

    Reputation between 50 and 75
  • 20% for money less then 50.000$
  • 10% for money between 50.000 e 100.000$
  • 3% for money between 100.000 and 500.000
  • 1% for money up to 500.000

    Reputation up to 100
  • 3% for money less then 50.000$
  • 2% for money between 50.000 e 100.000$
  • 1% for money between 100.000 and 500.000
  • 1% for money up to 500.000

v0.3 - hotfix
-now the script work with all three characters
- changed ini file to save all three characters data

- prevent spawning twice the peds if you already called The Laundromat Guy
- now, pressing the button to cancel the deal (B from the ini), instead open a menu where you can cancel your appointment and see infos regarding the money you have to get beck and when you can go get it as well as knowing what day it is today
- script now now uses a more convenient and faster menu to decide the ammount of money you want to clean and have a multiplier selector (1-10-100-1000-10000)
- [!IMPORTANT!] script now need LemonUI to work
- fixed a bug where the player money was not deducted correctly after giving it to The Laundromat Guy
- fixed a bug about the date that make the script not working
- added a timeout for the help message about money ready avoiding other help messages not displaying
- some minor bug fixed

- Changed guards and laundromat guy behavior if you shoot or hurt any of them
- once you start acting bad, the laundromat guy run away locking the door at his right and you can't kill him anymore
- If you act bad before entering the locked door the laundromat guy doesn't open it and you can't do anything to enter (for the moment...)
- If you get lucky to kill the laundromat guy and his guards you can collect some cash from the bodies (not so much atm)
- Now, if you cause trouble at the laundromat you get a 2 stars wanted level
- Changed some door behavior
- If, for some reason, you get locked inside the lanudromat, be smart, look around, and search for the button to open the door...
- Changed some dialogues from notification to subtitles
- Reworked notification, now they appear as sms
- Now if you refresh your mods via ins, the script delete every peds or blips to prevent duplication
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First Uploaded: 14. okt 2021
Last Updated: 05. dec 2023
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