SeatBeltV (Controller Support + Configureable) 1.9



Introducing SeatBeltV
This is a simple Seatbelt mod called "SeatbeltV" it makes you able to toggle and untoggle your seatbelt. To Toggle SeatBelt The Default Key Is U (Can Be Customized in the ini file)
For controller the button is Dpad-Up

- You cant be dragged out of vehicle while the seatbelt is on
- You Cant Exit The vehicle while the seatbelt is on
- Warning Sounds / Chime Sounds (Can Be Configured In
The Ini File)
- You Cant Fall Out of the vehicle while the seatbelt is on
- Configureable Keys in the ini file
- High Quality Logos And Sounds
- Controller Supoort (Can Be Configured In The Ini File)
- Automatic Seatbelt (Can Be Configured In The Ini File)
- Different Logo Options Can Be Configured In the Ini File
- Different logos you can choose in the ini file'
- Edit size and logo for the seatbelt in the ini file
- Edit Audio Volume For Seatbelt & Chime Sounds In ini file
- Chimes For Cars Is Made Like Real Life Scenarios It only
Starts If You Are Driving The Car Not if You are Stopped.

Bugs Found:
-The Seatbelt Shows On Jetski.
-If you are changing ped in game, you need to reload script or
the script does not work.

How To Reload Script
- press F4
- Type "Reload()" Remember The big R!

Not Compatible Mods
-Manual Transmission works with this mod, but the animations does not!

ScripthookV and scripthookv.net


Installation Help-
- First You Need To Have ScriptHookV & ScriptHookV.net In
Your GTAV Root Folder
-You Need NativeUI Which You Can Download On https://github.com/Guad/NativeUI/releases/

- if you are not using Controller support set controller support to false in the ini file or the ] key Will Toggle the seatbelt

Changelog -

1.0 -

1.1 -
-Controller support (Toggle SeatBelt is DpadUP)
-added configureable key which can be adjusted in the ini file
-Player cant exit vehicle with seatbelt on
-New animation for toggle and untoggle seatbelt
-made other small improvements

Small Improvements

-Reloaded The Whole Script And Recreated It
-Automatic Seatbelt Which Can be toggled on and off in the ini file
-Chime sounds which also can be toggled on and off in the ini file
-Fixed Bug Were The Whole Script Crashes
-Fixed Bug Were You Player Fall Out Of Windshield with seatbelt on

-Fixed animation were the player stands up.
-Added Option In Ini File To Change To a Different Logo Option
-Fixed Chime Sound Playing When You Exit The Vehicle
-Switched Controller Button To Enable Seatbelt To Dpad-Up

-Fixed Controller Support Bugging

-added option in ini file were you can enable/disable logos
-added option ini file were you can enable disable/enable
-added Custom position for the seatbelt logo in ini file
-added option were you can adjust the size of the seatbelt logo in ini file

-Edited When The Chime Sound Plays - Now It Only Activates When You are Driving The Vehicle, When you are stopped with the car it does not play like in real life for some vehicles

-Added Options In Ini FIle Were You Can Custize The Audios Volume Such As the ChimeSounds and The Seatbelt Sounds

-Changed One of The Seatbelt Logos To A Much better color
.Converted Audio Files To MP3

- Made a Debuging Nofications system that notifies you when you dont have all the files installed and can help you, and it prevents crashes now & scripts problem

-made a new customize able "LongChimeSound" in The Ini File, if you want it set it to true in the ini file, it just plays the chime sound for very Long Time, before it stops because people have been asking for this. So i made it customizeable, since i know some people would not prefer it.
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First Uploaded: 11. okt 2021
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