MiniMap & Vehicle Controller 2.0.0-Controller Support


A simple, lightweight mod to control a few key elements Rockstar left out of single player.

Adds 17 new keybinds into the game to give players more control over their vehicle, music and map.

Minimap Control Features:

Five different minimap modes. Use one key to cycle between:
Large - Full Size but Zoomed in like GTA Online
Large Zoomed Out - Brand New Mode perfect for Aircraft
Full Size - Shows full original map
Hidden - Hides entire GUI. Note that this disables the Weapon and Radio wheels, locking your current weapon and radio station. See the comments for details.

Vehicle Control Features:

Interior Light Control: Can turn interior light on or off for cars and aircraft. Useful for aircraft that automatically turn it on.
Window Control: Drivers can toggle all of their car's windows. Passengers can toggle their door's window.
Hood and Trunk Control: Pop the hood or trunk from the comfort of your driver's seat.
Shuffle Seats: Move between left and right seats in your current row.
Open Door: Open your current door without leaving your vehicle. Doesn't let you aim any higher or lower, but still cool.
Simple Seatbelt: No fanciness, just a notification. Prevents the player from flying out of the windshield. Also prevents exiting the car, changing seats or being pulled out of the car until the seatbelt is taken off.
Turn Signals: Keys to signal for left and right turns. Only one can be active at a time.
Hazard Lights: Flash your 4 way lights, for visibility to other drivers.

Bonus Features:

Set your mobile phone's color in the INI file.
Toggle Mobile Radio - Access the radio wheel anywhere, any time.
Toggle Radio Controls - so keyboard users don't change the radio station whenever they enter or exit cover
Laser Sights: If you also have RDE installed, you can add laser sights to a Carbine MK2 or Marksman Rifle MK2. More weapons are possible bur require that you edit game files.

I understand a lot of these functions (if not all) can be achieved by other mods, but this one is very light and limited in scope so hopefully will maximize compatibility and minimize bugs and FPS loss. The phone color thing might be new though, haven't seen that before.

Controller support is here! Hold X in vehicle or LB on foot to access certain features! Fully configurable and does NOT conflict with existing controls!

Generic Controls:
Z: Cycle Minimap Mode
O: Toggle Radio Controls

On Foot Controls
I: Toggle Mobile Radio

Y: Open Door
K: Shuffle Seat
U: Toggle Seatbelt
J: Left Turn Signal (Driver Only)
L: Right Turn Signal (Driver Only)
Semicolon: Hazard Lights (Driver Only)
2: Toggle Interior Light
4: Toggle Closest Window
5: Toggle Passenger Window (Driver Only)
6: Toggle Driver's Rear Window (Driver Only)
7: Toggle Passenger Rear Window (Driver Only)
8: Toggle All Windows (Driver Only)
9: Toggle Hood (Driver Only)
0: Toggle Trunk (Driver Only)

Laser Keys
semicolon: attach green laser
quotes: attach red laser
Only with compatible weapons!

Controller Controls
On Foot: Hold LB, AND:
Back: Toggle Minimap
DPad Left: Mobile Radio Toggle
DPad Right: Radio Wheel Toggle
A: Red Laser Toggle
B: Green Laser Toggle
X: Drop Weapon

In Vehicle: Hold X, AND:
Back: Toggle Minimap
A: Seatbelt
B: Open Trunk
Y: Open Hood
L3: Open Door
R3: Shuffle Seat
DPad Right: Passenger Window
DPad Left: Current Window
DPad Up: Interior Light

Config Options
Players can use the config file to enable or disable individual map modes as well as feature sets.
Feature Toggles:

Map Modes:


Drop MinimapVehicleController.dll and MVC.ini into your scripts folder.

1.0.1: Mobile Phone Color options added
1.1.0: Added Mobile Radio, key to hide radio wheel, and INI options to enable or disable parts of the mod. Also fixed a bug with the Vehicle Interior Light in some aircraft.
1.2.0: Added Vehicle Hazard lights, config option to disable phone color, and config options to disable individual map modes.
1.3.0: Keybind options added. All controls can now be changed in the INI file.
1.4.0 : Fixed errors on default SHVDN 3.6 release. Should now work fine for latest nightly OR latest release.
1.5.0: -The phone color function will no longer affect Michael, Franklin or Trevor's phones.
-New Feature: If you have RDE installed, you can now add a laser sight to your own weapon with a keybind!
Green and Red lasers are available.
So far only works on the Carbine Rifle MKII, the Service carbine, and the marksman rifle MKII. More testing is needed,
Possible to be added to more weapons, but gamefile edits are required.
2.0.0: Controller support added. Players now Hold X in vehicle Or LB on controller to access custom functions from this mod.

Source Code:

link to RDE for the laser sights:

https://github.com/IncoCode/IniFile for the quick INI file loading
NVE and ENB were used for the screenshots because pretty
LorenVidican for (most of) the pause menu maps
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