Mid-Air AutoCorrection disabler


This mod is known to disable the ability to honk.
Also, you can't control your vehicle while you are free aiming.
NPCs aren't able to drive the vehicle.

This script disables the mid-air adjustements (self-righting) the game does to your vehicle to help you land on your wheels. It also disables your ability to do the same manually, adding more realism to the game. You shouldn't be able to rotate a truck while in the air with your mind, right? Well, the game shouldn't, either (because, believe me, it tries to).

I am aware of ZiPPO RAID's script. My script works different: It doesn't disable any controls, but the ability itself; disabling all magic-moving effects related to it while still letting you control your character. Thus, all the magic forces, including the game-induced ones, are gone.

  • Disabled ability to rotate your vehicle while in mid-air.
  • Disabled ability to rotate your vehicle while stuck/upside down.
  • Disabled ability to adjust your vehicle's heading when doing a burnout.

Helicopters, Planes, Boats, Quadbikes, Bikes and Bycicles are not affected by this script.

Place "NoMidAirControl.dll" inside the \Grand Theft Auto V\scripts folder.

.NET Framework 4.5.2
Visual C++ 2015

Reccomended Mods to use along this one
- Hollywood Rollovers
- Realistic Suspension
Both mods will make the rolling more ovbious.

Thanks Infamous Sabre for sharing this trick with us here.

for you.
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