Seatbelt + Better damage from crashes 1.2


This script implements a simple seatbelt mechanic, where your character will put the seatbelt on when your car is stopped. Not waiting for them to put it on will result in increased damage from all crashes, plus disorientation if the crash was too hard. Even hard landings are now dangerous, so you better put that thing on.

There's no hotkey to put the seatbelt on, simply wait a second or two with your car stopped. Your character will put the seatbelt on by themselves, much like they do with helmets normally.

Crashing without a seatbelt on makes you a pinball inside the car. All impacts make you slam into the steering wheel, doors, ceiling, etc. That's what this script aims to emulate.

This script uses the ped config flag #32 to emulate seatbelts, much like other similar scripts seem to do. Enabling your seatbelt via Trainer or another Seatbelt mod should prevent damage too.

  • Increased damage from crashes, almost every impact will hurt you. How much damage you receive depends on the crash.
  • Crashing while upside down does even more damage (you slam into the ceiling).
  • Big impacts will briefly disorient the player, blurring the screen and preventing any movement or action for a second or two. Putting a helmet on prevents this.
  • Putting the Seatbelt on prevents all damage otherwise inflicted by this script.
  • Bikes can't use seatbelts, but the helmet mechanic still prevents disorientation.
  • Due to how the script works, players in heavier vehicles will receive less overall damage when crashing into other cars, and high-clearance vehicles won't be affected by hard landings.

.NET Framework 4.5.2
Visual C++ 2015
ScriptHookV Latest
ScriptHookVDotNet Latest

Accelerating/Braking too fast without a seatbelt also induces damage. Can't differenciate it from the speed variation of a crash, so take it as inertia doing it's job on you. Braking from 100 to 0 in a second would slam your face into the wheel anyway.

- Added .ini file with some toggleable options.
- Added blue effect when you lose armor, toggleable. Toggleable in the .ini.
- Added a new way to toggle the seatbelt, duck inside a vehicle. Toggleable in the .ini.
- Fixed the player still receiving damage even while Invincible/godmode.

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