GTA RPG 0.1.19



GTA V RPG (Original)

Updated Single-Player RPG mod by LogicSpawn

Requires latest ScriptHookV/ScriptHookVDotNet (or you'll get infinite loading):
1. https://www.dev-c.com/gtav/scripthookv/
2. https://github.com/crosire/scripthookvdotnet/releases

(Quest Elements option completely removes additional spawned object's and NPC's - for example if you want to FreeRoam and having performance drop issues, this will help. Turning this On will spawn all NPC's back.)

Loot objects, Quest item objects, NPC's are affecting on CPU performance too much, this info should be useful, if you want to just play without completing main story/side quests - you can toggle this off (Enable Loot/Enable Quest Elements - both)

Alot of changes, bugfixes, still many work TODO.


1. Download latest ScriptHookV , ScriptHookVDot.Net
2. The following files are required but are already included: NAudio 1.7.3 (NAudio.dll and NAudio.WindowsMediaFormat.dll), Newtonsoft.Json 6.0.8
3. Unpack and copy files from archive into your game dir.
4. Run the game and press Y to enter RPG mode

Changelog 0.1.14:
- Fixed textures disappearing at the first start

Changelog 0.1.15:
- Fixed Menu items not shown

Changelog 0.1.16:
- Fixed UI bugs, Quest Storyline,Itemdrop issue (zero chance)
- Added new UI FX, ARPG elements

Changelog 0.1.17:
- Fixed Skillbar position elements
- Restored back original intro (falling down)

Changelog 0.1.18 (QoL update):
- Added ped debuginfo in main menu (draws nearby ped stats)
- Item rarity is set from green to orange
- Reduced loot drawing distance
- Reduced maximum amount of world items
- Added option to enable/disable Quest Elements (performance boost for freeroam)

Changelog 0.1.19:
- Replaced default HP system with custom, now health works like it should.
- Standing or not being attacked for some time will trigger health regeneration.
- HP/Health system explanation: damage taken from peds depends on difficulty. Mod difficulty can be changed through menu (Set difficulty).
For example: if you have 1000 hp and playing on difficulty 1 - to kill your character, peds should attack you x1000 times.
- Difficulty can be changed from 0 to 10. 0 means you cannot be killed at all. Each difficulty adds additional damage to attacker (ped).

Everything else is inside Readme file (located in scripts)


- Progressive Exp System
- Dynamic NPC dialog with a range of NPCs
- RNG-Based Item and loot system
- Quest System with onscreen tracker
- Simplistic RPG UI
- Indepth Skill System with Skill Trees and upgrades

Help - F7
Save - F8
ToggleUI - F9
New Game - F10

Quest Log - L
Character Menu - O
Inventory - I
Show Menu - J
Spawn Car - K
Interact - E

Skill 1 - T
Skill 2 - Y
Skill 3 - CapsLock
Skill 4 - U
Skill 5 - B
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First Uploaded: 31. okt 2021
Last Updated: 08. nov 2021
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