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Grand Theft Multiplayer is a free alternative multiplayer modification for Grand Theft Auto V, giving you the possibility to play with hundreds of players on dedicated servers with custom gamemodes built from the ground up and modified game experiences.

Feel free to join our official Discord Server or to visit our Twitter Profile for all latest informations.

GT-MP hooks your GTA V installation when launching and reverts it back to its normal, clean state after being closed so you can seamlessly switch between GT-MP and GTA:Online without risking a ban!

Powerful Scripting Engine
Our powerful scripting engine provides you with all the possibilities to unleash your creativeness and create something truly unique.

Powerful API
We provide you with a powerful API. You can also use natives from the GTA 5 engine. Just take a look in our Wiki or the NativeDB.

Endless Players
GT-MP was created to be played with hundreds of people together at the same time! Our raised player limit will allow you to go beyond 30 players for immersive fun.

1. Download the GT-MP-Setup.exe from this mod page or the official website
2. Launch Grand Theft Multiplayer using the installed launcher
3. Press LAUNCH in the upper right corner to launch the game with the mod
4. Once in-game, you should see a menu in which you can use the server browser to join any server
5. After closing the game, the launcher will revert your GTA V folder to a clean state

Mod support & mods installation
We currently do not have active mods support inbuilt, which means servers won't be able to set mods to be shared with connecting clients.
But you are still able to install mods on your client, which ofcourse are only client side. This includes visual mods like Redux, Shader mods or vehicle replacements.
As our launcher ensures your game folder is in a clean state by copying mods and other stuff in a Disabled folder, you will have to install mods using the following methods.
1. Installing mods can be done using OpenIV to directly modify your game files.
2. If you rather wan't to use OpenIV's built in mods folder method, you can drop the OpenIV.asi in your GT-MP\bin folder.
3. OpenIV will then be loaded with your game on startup, you can drop mods you would like to run in your GTA V\mods folder like you are used to.
4. You can ofcourse install any *.asi mod you like by dropping it in the GT-MP\bin folder.

Server hosting
If you feel like hosting & developing your own GT-MP server, you can! Get the latest server binaries from our download page.
Check our wiki for more informations regarding GT-MP Scripting & Server hosting.

Issues or suggestions?
For full installation support, visit our forums.
Feel free to report bugs and suggestions to our bug tracker.

Useful links
Official website
Official download page
Server masterlist
Bugs & Features tracker
Wiki / documentation
GitHub profile
Official Discord Server
Twitter Profile
Steam group

The reason we have a launcher is to verify that clients own a legit copy of GTA 5. GT-MP works like any other singleplayer mod and doesn't use / touch any of the GTA 5, Rockstar Online Services.
With the use of our mod you agree with our EULA.
Our Client is built on top of ScriptHookV like most of the singleplayer mods out there. All credits for ScriptHookV belong to Alexander Blade, more informations on the scripthook website.

Visit our forums for a full list of all changelogs and update notes.

March 29th 2018 - GT-MP Client San Andreas Super Sport Series Compatibility Update
Dec 20th 2017 - GT-MP Client Doomsday Heist Compatibility Update
Sept 30th 2017 - GT-MP Server & Client Patch - v0.1.638.634
Jun 24th 2017 - GT-MP Server & Client Patch - v0.1.516.133
May 28th 2017 - GT-MP Server & Client Patch - v0.1.513.481
May 23rd 2017 - GT-MP Server & Client Patch - v0.1.508.640​
May 16th 2017 - GT-MP Server & Client Patch - v0.1.501.566
May 12th 2017 - GT-MP Server & Client Patch - v0.1.497.368
May 9th 2017 - GT-MP Server & Client Hotfix - v0.1.493.627

Licensing informations
Our client is distributed with ScriptHookV, ( custom ) ScriptHookVDotNet, ClearScript, EasyHook, Lidgren, NAudio, NVorbis, NLog, CEF, BCrypt.Net, SharpDX, protobuf & Xilium.CefGlue.
All licenses are respected and distributed with the client.

Visit our wiki for a full list of credits.
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