Force Unlimited 0.3


Note: If you have Super Punch or The Unstoppable Force installed they will conflict with Force Unlimited. You do not need them to run this mod, it already contains both. Please delete those from your script folder before using Force Unlimited. Thank you :D

Install instructions are below.
    Please read them thoroughly and pay close attention to the directions. The mod WILL NOT WORK if you miss something or skip a step.

    If the mod isn't working: Make sure to go over the install instructions again, check everything over 100% and be certain that everything was installed/copied correctly. After you've done this and if you are still experiencing problems please locate ScriptHookVDotNet.log in your GTA V directory, copy the last ~20 to 30 lines and post them here. I'd be happy to to help :D

    ==========[ Description ]==========

    Force Unlimited combines my two mods, Super Punch and The Unstoppable Force. They were basically turning into the same thing so this was the next logical step. Super Punch adds gratutious force to all damage you deal (now applies to guns and other stuff), and The Unstoppable Force turns you into just that :P Also there's a new Bullet Time slow mo, press X by default to enter The Matrix, Mr. Anderson. We've missed you.

    ==========[ NOT FOR GTAO ]==========

    Using certain mods in GTA Online could net you a ban, so don't do it! Keep mods like this in single player only.

    ==========[ Mod Features ]==========

    • (Super Punch) Ample force applied on all damaging attacks (melee, guns, molotovs, etc). New with 0.3 you are able to choose between melee-only and all weapons :D
    • (Unstoppable Force) Pushes everything away from you with tremendous force while moving.
    • Mod menu for easy toggling of features and adjusting values.
    • Force menu to adjust any force value the mod uses
    • Modifier menu to adjust any modifier the mod uses
    • Rebind menu that allows rebinding of all hotkeys. NEW - Able to (finally) save and load hotkey config :D
    • Screen Effects (only present in Bullet Time right now)
    • God Mode
    • Custom Fast Run
    • Custom Super Jump
    • Ragdoll Disable
    • Bullet Time Slow Mo
    • Bunch of random cool stuff
    • PHYSICS! :D


    Mod Menu controls (on the numpad):
    • Toggle menu (Default): " . "
    • Move up: " 8 "
    • Move down: " 2 "
    • Select: " 5 "
    • Return to main menu: " 4 "
    • Close: " 0 "

    Default Hotkeys for abilities:
    • E.Brake: " E "
    • Charge Forward: " J "
    • Charge Backward: " K "
    • Bullet Time: " X "

    ==========[ Changelog ]==========

    ====[ 0.3 ]
    • Added a new option to the Ability Menu called "SP Force Swtich". It switches Super Punch's force between melee-only and all weapons. Because choice is good :D
    • Fixed blank menu labels taking up precious space
    • Minor fixes/tweaks here and there

    ====[ 0.25 ]
    • Fixed screen effect bug where they would persist after leaving bullet time
    • Fixed menu tpyos

    ====[ 0.2 ]
    • Updated script to work with .net scripthook 1.0
    • Added cool menu transitions :O

    ====[ 0.1 ]
    • Released

    ==========[ Install Instructions ]==========

    Read this section thoroughly. If you miss something the mod will not work. Do not skip over anything.

    • Force Unlimited uses the Community Script Hook V .NET by Crosire. Download it from here:
    Community Script Hook V .NET v1.0

    • If you've never set up the .NET scripthook before check out Crosire's post on GTA Forums (you need additional files):
    How to install the Community Script Hook V .NET

    • You will also need Script Hook V to run the .NET one. Download that if you haven't already here (NativeTrainer is optional. You don't need it for my mod to work):
    Script Hook V + Native Trainerv1.0.372.2

    • Once you have installed BOTH scripthooks successfully, copy ForceUnlimited.cs to the scripts folder in your GTA V directory. For example, if you have steam it could be something like:
    C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\scripts\

    • Note: If the scripts folder does not exist after you've installed both scripthooks, you can manually create it. Right click in your GTA V directory, select new folder, name it scripts.
    • Now copy scriptsFUSettings.txt to your GTA V Directory. Using previous example it would be:
    C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\

    That's it, you're done :D The only thing left to do is cause unlimited chaos >:D

    ==========[ Credits ]==========

    Mod created by Shenaniganizer.


    You are allowed, encouraged even, to make videos of my mods. I always enjoy seeing what all of you can do with them, plus everyone is hilarious and awesome :P Just throw my name/link in somewhere and I'm happy :D

    You are also allowed to use my scripts as a resource for modding. Do not just copy whole chunks of code though, you will learn nothing and I will be sad. Use the source to get a better understanding of how things work and why, then use that to further your understanding of mods and coding. If my code helped you and you wouldn't mind putting my name/link somewhere on your mod page, that would be awesome and I'd really appreciate it :D

    It takes a lot of time and effort to make these mods, please support me by donating. Every little bit helps, even fractions of a dollar. With enough support I could create endless amounts of awesome and goofy stuff for all of you to enjoy and have fun with.

    Please help me make that a reality :D

    Check out my YouTube channel for random GTA stuff and mod videos: GTA Shenaniganizer
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