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Improved Police & Response is an immersive mod which tends to Improve the police in many different ways while at the same time making the game more immersive. IP&R also attempts to improve the game world by making police spawn in the streets, change the whole response system, and more!

ScriptHookV (Only if you're using an optional file)
ScriptHookVDotNet (Only if you're using an optional file)

Discord Server

- Higher accuracy for NOOSE & Army Soldiers.
- Decreased accuracy for Security Guards.
- Crimes must be reported to the police before getting wanted.
- Additional Police cars within traffic.
- Additional Police pedestrians on the street.
- FIB response when you reach 3 stars or higher.
- Unused police vehicles will now spawn in pursuits.
- Certain DLC vehicles like the Valkyrie will be used in pursuits.
- Certain DLC weapons will be used by police officers.
- Recognition System! (Optional -> DO NOT USE WITH EVOLVED POLICE RESPONSE)
- Juggernaut System! (Optional)
- Army when you reach 5 stars! (Optional)
- Dont Writhe System! (Optional)

Planned Features:
- Police Stops around the map (Optional).
- Removal of "sixth sense".
- Police Patrols on foot.
And More!

Automatic Installation:
1. Make sure you have met the requirements to install this mod.
2. Extract the .oiv file and run it.
3. Enjoy!
Manual Installation:
1. Make sure you have met the requirements to install this mod.
2. Open OpenIV
3. Go to common.rpf (in OpenIV) and import "data" folder from this archive.
4. Go to update\update.rpf and import "x64" & "common" folder from this archive.
5. Enjoy!

Recommended Mods:
Evolved Police Response (EPR)
Realism Dispatch Enhanced
Enhanced Native Trainer

Version 0.15:
- Improved Stealth Behaviour
- Reduced Police Patrols on Roads
- Numerous Tweaks to Dispatchtuning.ymt to make it harder to escape, includes:
- Increased Search Radius
- Increased Spawn Time (To balance out increased search radius)
- Increased Despawn Time (Wont despawn as fast)
- Works with latest GTA V Version
(Mostly a filler update, HUGE update coming soon!)

Version 0.14 HOTFIX:
- Fixed Automatic Installer not working.

Version 0.14:
- NOOSE now spawns with Carbine Rifle MK 2 with a Holo-Rifle.
- Army now spawns with a Service Carbine.
- Additional changes to police loadouts. (Flashlight addition on certain weapons, changes to modifications, DLC weapons are now actively being used, etc...)
- Patrol vehicles are now less occuring in Medium & High density areas.
- Removed Female Cops from certain road blocks that happen at 3 stars or above.
- Improved combat behaviour of Army peds as they did not feel "strong" enough.
- Updated dispatch times.
- Police now primarily look for you at your last known location.
- Rewritten Recognition System to allow me to implement certain features more easily. (Recognition System is optional)
- Added License Plate Detection to Recognition System.
- Added Player Detection to Recognition System.
- Added 'Character Based Detection' to Recognition System. (Now your character is saved, instead of the player itself. Means you won't be 'on the run' on another character if you are on your current one)
- Made it so if you were recognized, you now gain back your original wanted level from when you were last recognized.
- Made it so Juggernauts (in the Optional Juggernaut System) no longer fall from the air and now spawn properly.
- Improved Juggernauts AI. (They no longer shoot at walls, and actively try to get sight of you to shoot you)
- Updated Optional Army At 5 Stars to work with the latest IP&R Version.
There are a lot more changes that I might have forgot due to me being absent for about a month.

Version 0.13 HOTFIX2:
- Fixed crash issue. (Due to XML error in dispatch.meta)

Version 0.13 HOTFIX:
- Recognition System Fix for police being able to recognise player even if dead.
- Recognition System Fix for police being able to recognise player if in combat.
- Recognition System Fix for spelling errors within the text.

Version 0.13:
- New Recognition System. (Optional)
- New Dont Writhe System. (Optional)
- Updated all script files to use SHVDN3 instead of SHVDN2.
- Updated Juggernaut System to have improved notifications.
- Improved Juggernaut System to have less delays.
- Removed unnecessary notifications from Juggernaut System.
- Fixed NOOSE falling out of helicopters.
- Police now no longer spawns in "Poor" regions. -> More opportunities for crime in "Poor" Regions.
- Police now spawns less in "Medium" regions.
- Female Police now no longer spawns after you've reached 3 wanted stars or higher. (Due to there not being a police vest variant, lmk if there is on 5Forums)
- Added in so all cops now have a flashlight on their weapons. (Only some cops had it)
- Updated "Optional Army at 5 Stars" to use the annihilator helicopter as well.

Version 0.12:
- New Juggernaut System. (Optional)
- Added in new vehicles for police pursuits and patrols.
- Updated Army At 5 Stars Optional.
- Additional Police during Pursuits.
- Updated Police Loadout.
- Updated vehicles.meta to allow for additional vehicles to be used by cops.
- Added in female cops in patrols & pursuits.
- Added in the ability for FIB to spawn during pursuits in unmarked police cars.
- Removed stungun from police as it was pretty annoying.
- Fixed a bug where there would be "ghost" cars if you installed the "Army at 5 Stars" optional file.

Version 0.11:
- Added in new optional file: "Army At 5 Stars", adds in the army when you reach 5 stars wanted level.
- Police Wanted Level 1 now spawns in with a stungun.
- NOOSE & Army now both have sights & a flashlight on their carbine rifle.
- Police now has a flashlight on their pistol.
- Fixed a bug in the OpenIV Package that caused the combatbehaviour.meta to be installed in the wrong folder.
Version 0.10:
- Initial Release on 5Mods

Latest Version: 0.15

Do not re-use any of my mods / files without permission from myself (AidenDem).
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First Uploaded: 14. apr 2023
Last Updated: 18. jan 2024
Last Downloaded: okoli 1 ura

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