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When you drive through Los Santos you should always pay attention to which hood you are in, as they say, "a block makes a difference". The tags that each gang throw up let you know exactly who's territory you are in, who they're cool with and who they are beefing with. Gang Graffiti will attempt to flesh out the gangs of Los Santos by adding realistic lore-friendly tags in specific gang territories.

The infamous Ballas need no introduction, they are one of the oldest and largest gangs in all of Los Santos. The purple gang have a reputation of beefing with any gangs who would step to them like the Aztecas, Vagos and Families. The gang has been on the rise as of late with many new balla crews popping up, all under the umbrella of the main three sets. Those sets are the South Ranch Ballas, Eastside Ballas and the Original Covenant Ballas. These sets now all have tags in their corresponding territory.

If you are far away from the graffiti it will default to the lod tags from the base game.



I wanted to thank Hipsolo because I couldn't find the graffitit for grove street without his great "a-new-grove" mod.
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