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When you drive through Los Santos you should always pay attention to which hood you are in, as they say, "a block makes a difference". The tags that each gang throw up let you know exactly who's territory you are in, who they're cool with and who they are beefing with. Gang Graffiti will attempt to flesh out the gangs of Los Santos by adding realistic lore-friendly tags in specific gang territories.

Los Aztecas are by far the smallest and weakest of the gangs of Los Santos with territory in a small part of the Rancho neighborhood. While the gang is now under the leadership of brothers "Vandal" and "Vergil" the Aztecas are experiencing a slight rise in members as they refine their car theft craft. And with their new alliance with their longtime rivals the Northside Vagos it's safe to say Los Aztecas will be more active in the future. Though their set is small they beef heavy with Marabunta Grande, the Families and the Ballas. With backing from the Vagos, their new leaders and not as many eyes of them from the lspd, the Aztecas are in the strongest position that they've been in since the death of their leader Ortega.

If you are far away from the graffiti it will default to the lod tags from the base game.

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