"Cinematic" ReShade Preset Library for QuantV 3.0 1.0


ReShade Preset Library by BCC

If you'd like to join our discord server for support, information on updates, and to share your content with others (or even just to chat with us):

This ReShade library is intended towards people who create media inside GTA V and want to make their game look drastically different with heavy color manipulation.

- To install, simply drag any file with the .ini suffix into GTAV root folder.
- To load a preset, click on the big blue box in the top of the ReShade panel and select the preset you just put in your GTA root folder.
- To modify presets, use the bottom section of the ReShade panel to adjust the effect values

Possible bugs to look out for are ones only related to monitor calibration. We all have different displays, so a color grade made for a modern monitor with high maximum brightness levels may look way off on an older one with a weaker display.

Most presets REQUIRE the daylight cycle to be locked so that the environment doesn't change to a time or weather it wasn't calibrated for.
- For example: a color grade intended for nighttime use would look way too bright any other time of day. Same goes for saturation and contrast levels for different weathers.

Timecycle lock means using a trianer to set up and lock your weather and time values to certain ones, which are listed in the README files of each (IMPORTANT)
- For example: Time - 22:00 & Weather - Foggy > Freeze time with any trainer

We encourage everyone to calibrate each preset for their own monitor, and to modify to their own liking. If you have questions about the use of ReShade, join our discord server and ask away in the dedicated support channel.
If you don't like a preset and can't/don't want to modify it to fit your liking, just move on with your day and don't bother complaining about it. Thanks!

All presets are CALIBRATED for specific graphical mods, namely QuantV 3.0. We however aren't associated with any single one. No files from any private/paid mods are included.
These presets are stand-alone content, intended to be used by individuals in any reshade supported game. (Although they probably won't look all too good in anything but GTA V)

Reselling and paywalling is strictly prohibited, but who would anyways be so sad to do that.
Using our ReShade presets in advertisements for multiplayer servers or paid mods isn't allowed, be that video or picture related content.

With all that out of the way, we hope everyone who downloaded this enjoys the new look these presets give their game!

Core - https://www.youtube.com/c/CRXHVRD
Fir - https://www.youtube.com/c/Firagaa

Take care
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