Explosive Cluster Grenade Launcher (WIP) 1.0

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Ever wished you had a portable cluster bomb? Ever wanted to wreck havoc on all the cars in the middle of an intersection? Wanted to take out a whole group of pesky Kkangpae hiding in the parking garage in Little Seoul all at once? Then the KaruCorp Explosive Cluster Incendiary Grenade Launcher (or ECIGLA) is your new best friend!

Warning: point away from children and pets. KaruCorp LLC assumes no responsibility for any injuries or fatalities associated with misuse of this weapon.

I wanted to make my own 3D model for this but I honestly can't model for shizz, so I just repainted the R* grenade launcher's LOD version. There's a few errors here and there, but the real treat is the weapon's handling... (if anyone wants to help me make a proper model for this thing shoot me a message, and if this aspect of the mod needs to be removed let me know as well)

I had to code the ECIGLA as an incendiary weapon, which means while it affects vehicles a bit less than it probably would in real life, it results in less screen shake. It's still quite a powerful weapon, and can be just as dangerous to you as it is to anything you're lobbing flaming cluster bombs at. Make sure you're either godmoded or taking on a distant target!

The ECIGLA is also in the shotgun slot (I originally was making a shotgun and liked being able to use it in the back of a van). Whether I will switch it to the proper slot or not is TBA. It also uses shotgun animations, mainly because I like the reload, so aiming down the sights is not possible due to the model being, well, not a shotgun.

Attachments are for the weak. You don't need a flashlight when everything and everyone around you is on fire.

1. Place the explosiveshot folder into mods-->update-->x64---dlcpacks
2. Add this line at the top or bottom of your dlclist.xml file inside mods-->update-->update.rpf: dlcpacks:/explosiveshot/

Just save it in your favorite trainer's .ini file, or spawn it in - model name is WEAPON_EXPLOSIVESHOT

You may not edit, reupload, or modify this file without my express permission. Do not reupload to any other site.

Original grenade launcher low-poly file: Rockstar Games
Original grenade launcher texture: Rockstar Games, with edits by me (JediKarumaas)
Config file: JediKarumaas
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