US Fish & Wildlife Commission Minipack [Add-On | Non-ELS]

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Fishing, Lifted Trucks, and a bottomless pit of federal funding. What more could you ask for as a sworn law enforcement officer? I’ll tell you what; pursuing drunk-drivers at mach 4 speeds on a camouflage ATV. It’s things like these that make the United States Fish & Wildlife Commission infinitely more entertaining than the graveyard beat on Vinewood Boulevard. Why stare at homeless encampments and gangbangers all day when you could work 12 hour shifts in the middle of nowhere birdwatching and harassing campers? Apply today and hope for an early retirement after rolling your ankle on a patch of gravel chasing an overweight poacher at the ripe old age of 25!


SSLA V2: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/sirensetting-limit-adjuster
Game-config: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gta-5-gameconfig-300-cars

Without these you may experience game crashes or glitched lights.


V-stancer: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/vstancer

This mod is a lore-friendly vehicle pack aimed to be an accurate representation of Fish and Wildlife Service in Region 8, California.
The spawn codes for the included vehicles are as follows:

fwcalamo2 - Patrol Alamo II
fwcverus - Verus ATV
This pack includes 2 vehicles, EUP, and an optional V-stancer config to make the Alamo II lifted like the screenshots & it's real-life counterpart. Installation files are included in the download.


Alamo II:

Rockstar Games - Original Granger 3600LS model
IlayArye - Porting and fixes
MMT - 3D Modelling / Shortening
Nacho - 3D Modelling / Shortening / Fixes
11john11 - Wheels
Crizby - Removed Console
actuallyTOXIC - Model Improvements / Fixes


Rockstar Games - Model
Bravo-1-Charlie - Mapping


ActuallyToxic: Kabel Pushbar, Meinmacht Striker LEDS, ThriftEx Pack-a-Punch LEDs, Wiwang Climax, Antennas, Console, Radio & Mic, Meinmacht Director

JacobMaate: Trunk Partition, Window Mesh, Government License plates

Nachtfliege: Partition, Gun rack, Trunk props

11john11: Trunk Props, Antennas, Speaker, Siren Controller

Redtail - Winch Model & GTA V Conversion

Sethy1124 - Winch tray mount

Crizby: Window Mesh Edits

Proelio Procusi: 2D assets

Rockwl: Vehicle Assembly, DLC Pack Assembly, Model Edits, Carcols, Liveries, Screenshots


- Do not reupload this pack on any other website without permission

1.0: Initial Release
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