Realistic Handling For Greenaid's 1974 VW Beetle 1.7


Version 1.7 After some more extensive testing with a keyboard and vanilla materials.dat I had to rework traction again for a better experience with keyboard controls. I had to tone the burnout down a bit so keyboarders can take off slow but you can still rev it up and do a little burnout like the real car.
Sorry for any frustration this may have caused.

Version 1.6 brings a major update to the physics of the car with traction, center
of gravity, top speed, acceleration times and body/suspension behavior all completely reworked for increased realism. Top speed for the stock 60 HP model is now 90 MPH as opposed to 75 MPH which is more appropriate for the 60 HP engine. Quarter mile times are also in the high 20 to low 21 second range now as they should be and you should also see the inside front wheel come off the ground when turning under hard G forces no matter what materials.dat you are using. The 200 HP version also has its own sound now and has been reworked in accordance with the 60 HP version. ABS has been disabled for both variants as well.

Version 1.5 Includes a 200 HP modded version for racing after a few folks complained about the power.

60 HP
4 Speed only
70+ MPH
Excellent grip off road and has the ability to float on water. Steep hills can be quite a challenge without engine mods.

200 HP
4 Speed only
120+ MPH
Excellent grip off road but the added power really shows the shortcomings of the stock suspension.

When most people think of a VW Beetle the image that comes to mind is a slow old hippy car with flowers painted on it. This may often be the case, however few people realize just how heavy duty, efficient and versatile the car is. It's impressively simple yet high quality design makes it less likely to fail and less difficult to repair than many other vehicles, and despite being designed in the 1930's it's fuel mileage is on par with most modern cars at 32MPG while carrying two adults and three children. The features that make the car more durable and rugged than most other vehicles are the iconic hard dome shaped roof, which not only makes the vehicle more damage resistant in a rollover, it also makes the vehicle much more rigid and structurally sound. Also, this little car may be small but its chrome steel bumpers and heavy duty torsion bar suspension system are more at home on a pickup truck than a compact economy car. A true example of German over engineering.
The Beetle's durability is also attributed to it's air cooled engine and rear engine rear wheel drive layout which both offer many advantages. The small flat 4 cylinder engine was designed to run at normal operating temperatures without the assistance of liquid coolant by way of a large effective oil cooler mounted in conjunction with the engines fan, thus doubling the engines oil as its coolant. This design proved effective when Nazi forces successfully used air cooled VW's as transportation in the north African desert. The rear mounted engine provided impressive traction on slick surfaces by keeping the weight placed directly above the drive wheels, making the car much less likely to become stuck in snow, mud or sand. Having no radiator to puncture and having the engine mounted in the rear means that the car can survive a frontal impact with anything short of a freight train and still be drivable afterwards. All of these traits of simplicity and durability have attracted off road rally and desert racing enthusiasts to this car for years. Thanks to the hard roof and tough suspension it is quite common for a desert racing VW Beetle to roll over multiple times in a race and still finish. One of the vehicles most notable features is its ability to briefly float on water, this is possible thanks to its extremely light weight body and nearly air tight passenger compartment.
I have attempted to mimic this behavior in the provided handling however I could not stop the engine from being drowned.

Inverse power by IKT and my realistic traction overhaul mod are both STRONGLY recommended for max traction realism on and off road.

More highly recommended vehicle realism mods include:

Seatbelt and Better damage from crashes
Mid-Air AutoCorrection disabler
Explosion-On-Crash disabler
Better Chases Plus
True Smoke V (Bigger Realistic Drift Clouds)
Vehicle Basic Control by Hunk
Real-Loud Car Radios
LeFix Simple Fuel
LeFix Speedometer
Manual Transmission & Steering Wheel Support
Stop Reversing While Braking

If you like my mods and you wanna show your support then subscribe to my YouTube channel. I post car and game videos regularly.
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