S14 Drift Handling [Definitive]



There is a drift handling for the s14 made by Ghost0912, TheDirtySnowman, patovg9 and FilipJDM


It takes angle, you won't be deceived :)

Instructions to install in the file

You have the skin, with all instruction to install it here : https://fr.gta5-mods.com/paintjobs/s14-driftmonkey-skin

Because of recent stealing files and re-use of a part of some models I make, I need unfortunately to make a disclaimer :
By downloading, you agree that:
You are not allowed to re-upload my files, take a part of my mods and post it anywhere without my permission.

To have it, you need to ask for it in the post where is the model/the mod you want to re use

Have fun
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First Uploaded: 30. apr 2016
Last Updated: 30. apr 2016
Last Downloaded: 02. maj 2019

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