RENAULT 8 GORDINI / DACIA 1100 [Add-On] and [Replace] 1.1


Version 1.1
(fixed breaklights, inner mirror is breakable, Replace version replace realized, and some minor bugs fixed.)

is rear-engined, rear-wheel drive small family car launched in 1962.It was produced in France (until 1973) and Spain (by FASA,1965–1976),
but also in Eastern Europe; in Bulgaria (by Bulgarrenault, 1966–1970), and in Romania, as "Dacia 1100" (1968–1971). In early 70s,it was replaced by Renault 12 (and Dacia 1200).
Powerful version, "Gordini", was released in 1964 and was originally available only in blue, with two stick-on white stripes.
Assembly was worldwide: From Australia and New Zealand,to Americas(Canada,Mexico and Venezuela) and Africa (Algeria and Morocco).
Also, special racing version was assembled in South Africa as a Renault Alconi.
Nowdays it is real classic car, still regarded by many as one of the most valuable Renaults ever...
2.) CREDITS: Enrique Martinez Escalona (https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/user/u2ed1e35d-8073-46c2-93fc-91a9f2b4443a/Enrique-Martinez-Escalona?nav=models)
made very nice sketchup model, and also engine.
Model is very detailed, but for gta5 moding it is not allways advantage. Original model with engine: 453k Polygons and 469k Vertices - a bit too many.
I removed over 350000 Polygons and Vetices and recreated some parts in more simple way.The engine I combined with BF Injection's one.
As I allways do, I created new textures by myself, including bump and spec (I use http://cpetry.github.io/NormalMap-Online/)...BTW textures are my favorite parts:).
I did LODS; Highest: 103k / 102k , Medium: 51k / 53k , and Low 23k / 27k Polygons and Vertices.
My first idea was Renault 8 classic with tuning to Gordini.. but... Gordini has extralights.I still have no answer for tuning parts with breakable glass, so I did it other way.
Car spawns as Gordini with MENYOO ( sport classic ) and can be modify to another versions.
Usually, I use original modshop labels for tuning parts, so that names of the parts show up in Los Santos Garages.This time, to avoid confusion, I didn't do so.
Means, names of some tuning parts won't show up inside Garage. Using MENYOO - no problem. Two linked mods change car to R8 classic or Dacia 1100. You find it listed
under CHASSIS. It changes car front, back and also inside. I wanted more linked mods, but it seems that the hierarchy of bones does not allow it:)
Because of two diferent dashboards I had to make small compromise with dials, but it is close enaugh.There is a SPOILER, one type, but with 4 diferent 3Dlogos (+1 without logo).
There are 5 front and 4 rear BUMPERS, including those with european PLATES. One option for SKIRTS, and 1 option to upgrade EXHAUST.For the ROOF there is police light
option, not breakable: ( and not real siren ... but you can actually make it blinking, with indicators. This is to be used with two police livery yo find by MENYOO in
(Menyoo - Vehicle Options - Menyoo Customs - Benny's Lowriders Mods). Apart from old French police livery and old Romanian "Militia" livery there is 6 more racing skins(including
"Gordini" one, of course) and 4 steereng wheels (diferent logos).
All in all - lot of combinations to play with:)
It is Futo (again). Why (again)? Well, I make old vehicles, almost all rear wheel drive. If it is not engine back, at least it is RWD. Handling is good. Mods? Yes, all of it. No livery, but you can get Gordini skin.
There are secondary color stripes in tuning parts for hood,roof and boot. You can also get Dacia and Gordini look, changing the grill ( also changes dashboard and badges on the rear side ),
and one of the rear "spoilers" is Dacia logo.
Have a look:)
Well, I tested the car in diferent game versions. Add-On version doesn't spawn in some older outdated versions. I guess it is related with "Benny's" patchday. If you do not find, for example,
"SultanRS", in Menyoo spawner (listed under super cars); it's very likely that this mod will not work. Anyway, hopefully, there is replace version...with no "Benny's".
Car is not perfect (nothing is), but if you make old James Bond movie - this car can play many roles in it :)

Naj Potez 31.I.2019.
updated 06.II.2019.
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