Most Wanted Handling Mod for BMW M3 E46 GTR 5.0


This handling edit is for ANSWER's BMW M3 E46 GTR [Add-On] (forget the other one, it doesn't have add-on version).
You can get it here if you don't have it (https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/bmw-m3-e46-gtr-addon)


It is reminiscent of it's top speed, acceleration and handling it had (or has) in the original NFS Most Wanted.
The turning angle is gimped to 43 from 46 but the cornering and grip stability (at least on low-midhigh speeds in flat
and not so steep roads) is some of the best that I've ever edited, tested and driven
(as it was in the aforementioned game, referencing that 3/5 handling stat despite it's very good grip).

Yes yes yes there is an another handling edit for the same car but....while it's also very responsive it's too uncontrollable
in turns as it spins out when you are not that careful and/or when you attack a corner too fast,
it's acceleration is also too fast and the suspension makes clunky shit sounds even in very flat AIRPORT TARMACS!,
when moving of course obviously.

NOTE: The past changelogs can only be read at the readme.

-Drag increased from 1.8-1.9 to 2.0 as car is rather old (2001-2004)
-Adjusted brake bias
-Further changed suspesion values
-SteeringLock now to 43 to enhance current changes
-Rolled back the rollcenter cvalues a little bit to something street like
-Increased tractioncurvemin to 5.0, the car need to have that value to not spin while breaking.
-Readjusted suspension force a little, some may find it too loose for a sports car.
-Car acceleration lowered a little bit as it's kinda too fast for some.
-Rolled back vecCentreOfMassOffset values to original and instead finetuned suspension layouts as it really affects
the car a lot when doing F1-style cornering (which I do alot often).
-Lowered the car just a little bit to decrease center of gravity and but in a way the most of the time car won't contact
-Increased brake and handbrake values
-AntiRollBarForce value rebalanced

The improved handling primary file (mostwanted) - with revised V2 on another folder
Faster accel but "shit" handling 2012 style as bonus (mostwanted2)
LMP1-spec handling (increased downforce, antiroll and 94% less suspension clunk)
GT3 Spec (V4)
GT3 Street - like the V4 one but more street-spec.

-Real world weight
-Top speed & acceleration same as Most Wanted 2005 somewhat(389 KPH)
-Reworked traction to improve cornering grip
-Improved stability
-Improved suspension (clunk suspension sounds are still there but only like 2-3dB I think
& only when moving very fast and racing, you can barely hear it when driving anyways)
-Very less chance of flipping when making quick turns at a time.

1. Use OpenIV to open .....Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\iverson\dlc.rpf\common\data
(If not using mods folder then forget the mods part dir above)
3. Replace the handling.meta with the one in the package
4. Enjoy

-In case you don't know there is no replace version for the particular vehicle.
-Just make backups just in case.
-Tested gameplay with 360 controller. Dunno with keyboard as it has 0/100% turn and accel rate which may not be as fun.
-For less headache on mod management and preventing GTA Online bans use mod folder and addon version if possible.
-Might provide demo video and/or screenshots if I have time or may get used to the camera angle mods.
-For races, I suggest drive it like F1 drivers do (that's why I recommend gamepad to have very fluid control)
-Also watch out when in high-speed driving as even a little crash will 360 your nice ass ride (due to the weight).
-If you are still annoyed by some clunky sounds then only set suspension to street and/or lowered if possible.
-Wheels in the screenshots are from HQ B-Rims Pack 3.0 by Bayan Asghar(https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/hq-b-rims-pack)
-If you find the turning very unresponsive then change fSteeringLock to the original angle (46)

Modded Handling meta file by mee.
Original car by ANSWER (https://www.gta5-mods.com/users/ai64829510)

Only created improved handling file/s. Nothing else.
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