LSPD Pack [Add-On + Replace] FINAL 3.1


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A dedicated pack for the Los Santos Police Department featuring various highly detailed and polished models, with the aim of a realistic look while still respecting the game lore and not straying too far from it.

A config for those interested in using the vehicles for LSPDFR is included.


- addition of siren controller emissives to a majority of the models
- updated liveries (new 5-digit unit number format)
- updated sirensettings to get rid of a corona sync bug
- updated Valor models for pscoutnew and poleveron
- dual color front LEDs for pscoutnew
- improved handling for both Scouts
- updated base models for police2 and police42old
- fixed dashcam LODs for pscoutnew, pscout and police3
- fixed doorshut mapping for poleveron
- fixed interior lamp for polalamoold
- fixed wheel LODs for polsadlerk9 and polspeedo

This pack includes

- LSPD Stanier - police
- LSPD Stanier (slicktop) - policeslick
- LSPD Stanier (retro) - policeold
- LSPD Stanier (unmarked) - police4
- LSPD Buffalo - police2
- LSPD Buffalo (unmarked) - police42old
- LSPD Interceptor - police3
- LSPD Everon - poleveron
- LSPD Scout - pscout
- LSPD Scout (Valor) - pscoutnew
- LSPD Speedo - polspeedo
- LSPD Wintergreen - lspdb
- LSPD Landstalker XL - swatstalker
- LSPD Alamo Retro - polalamoold
- LSPD Riot - polriot
- LSPD K9 Sadler - polsadlerk9


11john11 - liveries, Stanier improvements, pushbars, new rim and hubcap models for various vehicles, ProTech stolen vehicle tracking system, improved console setup,
Scout improvements, emissives for the vanilla style MX7000 Lightbar, dashcam, Stanier trunk organizer, improved ALPRs, mini version of the vanilla style Arjent, spotlights, antennas, laptop
Fenton - mapped and improved Stanier, mapped Speedo, mapped Riot
GCT - Scout model
Dani02 - Scout conversion
IlayArye - mapped Scout, mapping and various edits for the Sadler
Andrew C - Sadler rear shell
w/ - Stanier rear TA, Wintergreen motorcycle, Alamo Retro, trunk equipment, rear cover for the Everon, various halogen and LED lights
Voit Turyv - interior console, various LED modules
Jacobmaate - new Buffalo, Scout improvements, Stanier improvements, Stanier rims, vanilla style Arjent lightbar, vanilla style Valor lightbar, MDC antenna, improved LED emissive texture, stock Everon
EVI, bravo-one-charlie - lightbar feet
bravo-one-charlie - stock Everon
Allen - Torrence Redux, Scout rims and parts for the Stanier rims
Vx5 Voltage - overhauled Stanier and Scout models, vanilla style MX7000 Lightbar
M4k3 - retro Stanier hubcaps
Eddlm - Improved handlings for various vehicles
AlexanderLB - Various LSPD decals, Wiwang Emergency Lighting System texture
Nachtfliege/Nacho - police spec Landstalker XL, Stanier hubcap fixes, police radio fixes, interior divider, trunk equipment
Skitty - Wiwang Emergency Lighting System model, ALPR model, interior lights for the Landstalker XL
DiPierro - bumper stickers
Alex Ashfold - LSPD hat
Crizby - bumper stickers
Stryfaar - 3d Vapid badge
RooST4R - Alamo Retro rims
TheMaybeast - modern Wiwang siren controller texture
PNWParksFan - the amazing LiveLights plugin, which helped with development a lot.
ukeyS - awesome screenshots

And a big shoutout to all beta testers who helped making sure this pack is bug free.

DLS configs can be found here:
DLS configs

Before you start with the installation make sure you have a good gameconfig and it's requirements installed:

Custom Gameconfig
Heap Limit Adjuster
Packfile Limit Adjuster

This pack makes heavy use of the vehicle extra system and requires easy to install base vehicles.meta edits for that, if you want the pack to work correctly PLEASE follow the instructions of the included readme, it's important.

Due to a sirensetting conflict this pack is incompatible with following mods:
Caracara Police Pack
Radius Police Pack
LSPD Pinnacle
LSPD Steed

Terms of Use

- Do not exploit content of this pack for commercial, financial or personal gain,

- Do not reupload this file to other websites.

- If you intent on using assets made by me:
feel free to use them for your projects as long as credits are given and other terms of use are respected.

- If you intent on using assets from this pack that weren't made by me:
Please ask the authors yourself to ensure they are alright with that.

Recommended mods to use alongside this pack:
LSPD Speedo Express
LSPD Blazer
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