HVY Dump with working dump bed [Replace] 1


This mod will replace the default HVY Dump with my version of the model that includes a moving dump bed.
The model does everything it did before exactly the same, just now the bed can move.
The dirt load will still appear in random trucks just as before. All damage and effects remain the same.
To tilt the bed, stop the truck and press the button used to lower roofs on convertible vehicles. (Right Dpad for me)

To install:
SEE THE READ ME FILE! The text will not show correctly here as it contains ''code''.

Known issue: The collision for the dump bed does NOT move with the animation. I have noticed the moving collisions only seem to work for hard coded user inputs like used by Forklift. Animations done by ycd seem to ignore COL position data. Maybe in the future I can fix this. So for now its only for show. You cannot sadly dump cars/object/peds from it. Yet. If anyone knows a solution for this please let me know.

Personal note: If you need help with animating things I can TRY to help you, but please be aware that I myself am just teaching myself to do this. I am not some crazy talented pro, this is about the current limits of my vehicle animation knowledge. Also because of my job, I do not often have lots of free time. As I learn more, I will share and help with more. So please understand that if you have ZERO modeling knowledge and approach me wanting to build a car with 30 moving parts, its probably NOT going to happen right now. So be simple, and be realistic please. I am including my z3d file for the model as well as my decrypted animation file so you all can see how I have done this. The model itself is also unlocked as always.

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