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Hello my friends, I modified this Humvee pickup and added some parts to it from and modified it. I changed the original color to it and added the logo of the Iraqi Special Forces to be close to it, so I converted some parts such as the front bumper, emptying the rear space, adding seating and a weapon In the future I will add the second version of the Humvee Attached is her picture

1.1:- I modified this Humvee and added some parts to it from and modified it.,so I converted some parts such as the front bumper and mine detector design The second version of the car

1.2:-The doors were changed and a temp was made for it. I made a simple modification that differs from the previous version of the car, where the rear tire was added and the gunner was changed There is one version, I deleted the second version, I will try to add it later

Note:-that old versions will be deleted

[There are people who stole the car and sold it, do not buy it, it is free, so please report it to them]

original car:- https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/m1043-special-forces-humvee-add-on

mods>update>x64>dlcpacks> drop the file on it


add new line and add this


You are not allowed to sell the car, it is free

no one allowed to be re-posted on any site or use the part

if you wont some help DM my discored sAw#7846
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