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Here is a new (originally) soviet Anti-Air system: the Tor-M1 with vertical launching missiles. The Tor-M1 is still in use with USSR successor states like Russia or Ukraine, but also quite a few others like China, North Korea or Greece.

In GTA the use of this system is a bit different than what you'd expect in real life. The vehicle can lock on to any hostile target, no matter if land, air or sea. The missiles will launch vertically and start tracking after a short time.

The Tor-M1 can ONLY fire when stationary and by pressing the "H" key (right on controller D-Pad). You will notice that the turret will start moving, radars folding out and the missile hatches opening.

2 people fit inside the Tor-M1 and a couple of hatches can be opened. Liveries include a modern Russian Camo, Ukrainian Digital and China Digital Camo.

PLA skin:

Ukrainian skin:

Known bugs:
The legs will go through the frontplate when honking

Or to put it differently:
This vehicle includes many features like the Leg Stretch Special, your legs take a quick peek outside the car, just to make sure they’re not missing out on any action! (Nuno; 2024)


1. Place the "torm1" folder into [Gamefolder]\update\X64\dlcpacks\

2. With OpenIV, extract [Game folder]\update\update.rpf\common\data\dlclist.xml and edit this with Notepad++. Add the following entry:

3. Now you are done, you will need a trainer with "spawn by name" function (Enhanced Native Trainer for example) to spawn the vehicle type in:


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