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    works well, thanks for the mod

    13. maj 2021
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    Does anyone know where i can get World of Variety 10.0 (previous version ) of this mod ? :( having issues with 10.1.
    Thanks in advance

    12. maj 2021
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    Tried the 10.1 Version, had Natural vision Remastered and other mods installed.. experienced lots of flickering (example red fluorescent lights on the strip club building ) and texture roads/windows flipping especially in the night time.. Anyone else experience this with Natural Vision Remastered installed ? Did 10.0 Version had issues/bugs like that ?

    Unbelievable MOD, Bummer

    10. maj 2021
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    @Willief23 Would you happen to know which line in the visualsettings.dat controls the brightness of the taxi top advertisement banner ? I know you provided a dark dds replacement and i read your document info file for other tips, but i was wondering if there is a way to keep the bright banner for day time and adjust the brightness within visualsettings file.


    30. jan 2021
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    @TonyThePlug420 its near rockford hills. You have to install open all interiors mode, then load the stashhouse via menyoo/spooner and the menyoo will re-locate you straight to it. Its in the house second floor. GL

    27. jan 2021
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    Crashed on load for me as well, took days to figure it out... any updates ?

    26. okt 2020
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    I recently started to have this weird visual bug where you are looking at the car from third person , the dials get all
    "spikey" and bizzare looking but as soon as i turn the camera straight where i am looking directly from the top the dials turn normal.. Any one seen that ?

    06. jun 2020
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    Can someone explain to me how this mod works ? i have followed directions and copied all the files over and have not seen the "criminal russia" around :))))) Do they spawn in a specific place ?

    Автор или вообще пользователи, кто-то может мне обьяснить как этот мод работает ? Скопировал все файлы по инструкции, где они вообще появляются ?

    06. jun 2020
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    Can you make an update to this mod ? The first person view when you are aiming, the gun shoots higher then it supposed too.. it works fine when you are aiming with a dot..

    Когда в pervom лице, меняеш прицел колесом мышки, вал стреляет выше... Макаров ваш тоже немножко но не так высоко как вал. Можно это отрегулировать самому ? За ранее спасибо

    02. feb 2019