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    looks nice.

    any chance that you might wanna incorporate these following settings into the mod:

    -> all peds are fighting the player only (not fighting themselves)
    -> a chance for a ped to be none hostile (not armed and other peds will shoot him)
    -> peds accuracy - from 1 up to 100

    Are these settings something you are into doing?

    05. jun 2016
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    i am one of those ppl who play with a controller and im not near my keyboard so i just cant use mods that force me to navigate menus. are you, by any chance, planning on making the mod work without needing the menu navigation? like using the cell phone in-game, or making the mod spawn missions for the player automatically every set amount of time? (like, you enable the mod using a bind-able key and set the time between missions to whatever you want, lets say 120 seconds, and then every 120 seconds you get a random mission...?

    also, are you planning on supplying missions that are challenging like eliminating a group of well armed enemies, or grabbing a car, but have that car guarded by enemies, or once you get the car enemies might spawn in vehicles and chase you down, trying to get their car back (and kill you) etc etc?

    02. mar 2016
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    looks like a promising mod.
    question - do you think you can create a mod that disallows the police to magically sense were you are when they are looking for you?
    when police show up and you vanish behind a building or something and they go into a "searching" state, they always seem to magically know where to look for you. they will always close on your position even if they have no clear idea where you should be hiding.
    the next evolution of this mod seems like not letting the cops sense where you are and make them search you in a more random fashion in the vicinity of where you were last seen.

    17. feb 2016
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    is there a chance this mod causes the newest game version to CTD or lock up when i try to load the game?
    this is the only mod i installed using openIV and every since the last update i cant run the game with the "mods" folder existing. i can press play on the main menu and the game will load, but just as it should display the game world - it locks up. i have to rename the "mods" folder to something else so the game loads up.

    03. feb 2016
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    i cant get this to work. the only setting that effects my game is max health. i can set it to be 140 or something else low just fine. but i cant seem to be able to change anything else - not healing rate. not cancel regeneration.... nothing.
    My setting are these:
    iHealth = 150
    fRegenMulti = 0.0
    iRegenWait = 100
    fRegenStart = 0.0
    fRegenCap = 0.0
    fRegenFactor = 0.001
    iCleanBlood = 60
    and i still get regeneration up to 50% rather fast.

    03. feb 2016
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    the mod have been broken since a long time ago, sadly. its the mod i wanted the most to work, but for me being unable to get the AI to shoot straight , even at accuracy of 100, has ruined it. im waiting for someone else to remake a mod like this but sadly no one seems to want to pick up the gauntlet.
    and even though i dont see a reason for having so many factions, i wouldnt be surprised if this is the case as well.... it's a shame the author left.

    03. feb 2016
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    the question is - if you put 100 in their accuracy - are they really accurate or are they still really blind??

    28. jan 2016
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    looks nice.

    i wonder if someone will do something like this to the entire city and make a "The Division" mod :) where there is no traffic and barely any peds and debris, junk and parked cars everywhere... and hostile NPCs moving around....

    23. jan 2016
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    i guess it isnt supportedd after all...

    i agree with what reaperVC said. the messages of incoming attack and that the enemy is dead or you escaped them is annoying as heck. it blocks the screen, its annoying when i drive and cant see anything and it completely ruins the surprise of being attacked. same as the weather change.
    really unnecessary.

    the INI should have options to tweak:
    messages = on\off
    what type of spawn you want to happen = assassin, zappo, rednecks, maddrazo, other (add more types? like military or swat?)
    how accurate each faction is = 0-100
    how many enemies appear in each group = 0-100
    what weapons they are using = pistol, shotgun, uzi, smg, rocket launcher etc etc.

    and what is the randChanceMin= andd randChanceMax=? i mean, i know what it's supposed to be but its really confusing. is it a scale of 1 to 5?? like 1 out of 5 is like 20% and if i set min to 3 and max to 6 than it's 50%? why is it confusing? should have been 0-100% and that's it. no?

    same with the timer. why is it milliseconds and not seconds? why do we need to take out a calculator just to set the timer to whatever we want?

    this mod couldd be so much fun, in potential. i am using it and loving it but there are a few key featuers missing and the INI is convoluted in a really unnecessary way.

    sadly, it seems like this wont change as the modder has dropped this mod even before version 1.0.

    it's a bit sad seeing so many mods that are half baked and forgotten. very few modders truly make mods all the way through. and a talented mod like jedijosh who obviously can do some really cool stuff seem to stop a bit short of what makes a mod fully fleshed out.

    we miss you, jedi. come back. please :)

    22. jan 2016
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    is this mod still active?
    i kinda assumed that sooner or later an option to manually select that enemies (their number, transportation and their weapons) that attack the player will show up. like "riot mod" did, give or take, so every person can tweak exactly what he wants.... but i guess now its "later" and the mod hasnt been updated in a while....

    20. jan 2016