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  • 2f6460 holy shitfixed

    There is nothing stopping you from making that mod on your own time. This mod is not a replacement so expecting it to be a replacement is only going to lead to disappointment.

    There will not be a playerped version.

    23. sep 2023
  • 2f6460 holy shitfixed

    Most of the issues I'm seeing reported appear to be more of an issue on the operator's side rather than the mod's fault.

    So long as you installed the mod properly, using the "spawn by model name" option in your preferred menu should work. If the mod doesn't work but the game still loads, you installed it incorrectly. If you installed the mod and it crashes, you're missing either the gameconfig, the required adjuster ASIs, or all of them.

    This mod requires limit adjustments as it is a massive character add-on that is admittedly old, unfinished, and most importantly bursting with content. I started the project back in 2015 and currently have no plans of updating it further. It should work fine on future updates IF the limit adjusters are used.

    23. sep 2023
  • 2f6460 holy shitfixed

    @azzman_01 I usually only increase txdstore, fragmentstore, dwdstore, and extrapedmodelinfos

    18. mar 2023
  • 2f6460 holy shitfixed

    @JNK1994 That actually works? I might have to start playing with LSPDFR then.

    23. feb 2023
  • 2f6460 holy shitfixed
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    I believe this is more or less the final version of the mod. Going forward I will primarily be focusing on keeping it working on new game builds or improving performance. I do still want to fix crashing with other tools or overhaul mods. Thank you all for playing with the mod and I hope it will continue to bring people enjoyment!

    4.0.0A - (2/6/2022) - Crash hotfix. Support for newest game build. Use with Menyoo is currently unsupported, use with caution.

    I strongly suggest you use the Packfile Limit Adjuster by Unknown Modder! - https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/packfile-limit-adjuster

    Additionally, using the Heap Limit Adjuster should fix any crashes you're having - https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/heapadjuster

    If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below. Adittionally - more mods are on the way!

    07. feb 2023
  • 2f6460 holy shitfixed

    @electrochoc_69 That has been fixed!

    @MadTherseus I currently have no plans for this.

    29. dec 2022
  • 2f6460 holy shitfixed

    @DocDoctio Open your trainerv.ini and scroll down to added peds, edit the first entry to match this:

    DisplayName1=Niko Bellic

    Once entered, save. You should be able to spawn Niko via the Added Peds menu under model spawning.

    20. nov 2022
  • 2f6460 holy shitfixed

    @kana45 I'm glad to hear you got it working!

    03. nov 2022
  • 2f6460 holy shitfixed

    @kana45 As long as nb is listed in the dlclist, alongside using the required gameconfig and limit adjusters, he should spawn just fine. Are you spawning via model name and not selecting "search by model name" ?

    02. nov 2022
  • 2f6460 holy shitfixed

    @Success Oh! I forgot that was even in there. It's an old side project of mine that the Niko mod was a part of.

    31. avg 2022