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  • Gtav76

    Oh my god, I've wanted a Pantera in GTA for years! This is about the greatest thing I've ever seen in game :'D

    You must make one with a visible motor, or a bigger motor visible from behind with some big tire options. Basically a drag racing variant with many features! Something this beautiful deserves incredible upgrades! I also suggest giving it a engine sound swap similar to the Franken Stange, which is something the original sounded like. :)

    Very well done!

    03. jun 2017
  • Gtav76

    @vans123 I love the mod, it is a really nice car and so are the modifications. However, out of nowhere, it started to act weird. My car doesn't have any modification options, and it's model keeps changing colors out of nowhere. I am not too knowledgeable with this kind of bug?

    29. mar 2017