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  • 81a915 cj gtasa

    @Alex106 Nope, those are actually different.

    07. jul 2021
  • 81a915 cj gtasa

    1) Well, you can always upscale those low res graphics, plus other people tried to port old gen interface and almost succeed, but I get it, that you don't want to waste time on this.
    2) Understandable.
    3) Those before loading screens. Those are actually different in old gen versions.

    26. jun 2021
  • 81a915 cj gtasa

    I know that could sound stupid, but if this mod is about bringing old gen assets to PC, then why this package doesn't have old gen interface, loading screens and logos?

    25. jun 2021
  • 81a915 cj gtasa

    Very good mod! Maybe you could add an optional option that would change Trevor's Rage to work as it does on the X360 / PS3 (anger doesn't turn off during certain activities, such as falling)? It would be really nice feature.

    24. nov 2020
  • 81a915 cj gtasa

    Where is the trainer's settings folder because after setting an option is crashing on startup

    25. jun 2019