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    Anyone recommend more addons to implement the experience with Enhanced Taxi? Currently I'm using Simple Fuel and Pull Me Over.
    This project is sadly dead. But the script still works great.

    03. jan 2021
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    " they lack variety. It seems like Rockstar only used about 10 pre-defined pick-up and drop-off locations. "
    After playing this for a month, I memorized every single location. Please add more that shall render the driver to go OUT of the city and stay there as much as he drives in the city' drops.

    If you drive for one hour, you'll end up in the same region. If you drive to the desert, the trip will be to return to the vinewood hills in 10km drivings.
    It's a loop to be in the city, and even there after a while becomes stalled as the Rockstars locations.

    Driving in the desert would be very cool, or in secret less frequent places that the default doesn't go.
    From what I've seen in your file, it's a simple fixed coordinates editing without changing code to implement better new locations. But maybe in the future some random coordinates?

    17. nov 2019
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    Suggestions for new features, since just driving around gets kind of boring after a while:

    1 - cinematographic view while the passenger enters (option on the HUD)
    2 - quickly look back when the passanger sits (option on the HUD)
    3 - difficulty, like passenger robbery that requires a quick reaction to the gun or gets you dead, or the game's default passenger that doesn't want to pay and requires strength, side dropouts that could be traps to smuggle the car and the player's money or extra payments to the driver's income, and more
    4 - interactivity to improve repetition

    25. okt 2019
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    @Adenoman This sounds great. Also, traveling on areas you choose like the desert or highways instead of city short travels which are not as fun.

    23. okt 2019
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    Please, can you disable the default taxi missions? it's very annoying to receive those calls for taxi missions all the time and to have to call the passenger by honk when it bugs and it calls for a taxi passenger in the default system, so you have to wait and cancel it afterwards.

    23. okt 2019